A Genius Design Turns a Shipping Container Into a Comfy Guest House

This shipping container home is beautiful inside and out. From the blue exterior with its outdoor covered patio and extensive use of glass, to the simple interior with its wood lined ceiling and floor. This shipping container home has a simple design with an open living area and lots of windows, perfect for filling the space with plenty of natural light. The steel container home makes a great guest cottage, backyard office, artist studio, or writers retreat.

Steel shipping containers are a durable building material for your home. You should expect your steel shipping containers to last for at least twenty-five years without having any problems. If you maintain the steel shipping containers and keep on top of any rust that occurs then you can expect your steel shipping containers to last longer. Steel shipping container homes are typically cheaper to build than conventional types of housing. Steel shipping container homes are just as cost-effective, comfortable, or attractive than conventional types of homes.

The durability and toughness of steel containers are generally considered to be over-spec when they are turned into homes. What this means is that steel containers are more than strong enough to be used as steel shipping container homes, especially when compared to other eco-building materials such as straw bales or recycled plastics. However, to maintain this overall toughness, it is recommended that you don’t cut out too much steel from the steel containers. Removing steel sections of the walls for windows, doors, and room openings will affect the structural integrity of the steel container itself and will require additional steel beams to carry the load that was held by the removed metal.

When shipping containers were designed, they were created with modularity in mind. Shipping containers were designed to withstand all sorts of abuse as they journey across the sea through some of the world’s harshest climates and weather conditions. Steel shipping containers may have been exposed to salt water, waves and freezing temperatures, and are meant to handle the worst sort of weather conditions as they ship all sorts of precious cargo. Steel shipping containers are made of corten steel, which helps to protect the steel shipping containers from any sort of corrosion or rust, and when the steel shipping containers fall off of the ship, they can take up to a week to sink. With more shipping containers being imported than exported, these steel shipping containers are an opportunity to reuse something that is so abundant.

A prefab steel shipping container home makes the construction process a lot easier and more efficient than ever before. Instead of spending months building a standard home, you can take mere weeks to do the same. Imagine steel shipping containers as building blocks, and you will see all sorts of building possibilities, freedom and opportunities. Place a steel shipping container in your backyard, and then ten years later you can move it somewhere new. When it comes to building methods and different building materials that you can choose, there are few alternatives that are quite as portable, durable, and sustainable as a steel shipping container.

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