This Might Just Inspire You to Build Your Own Container Home!

One of the pioneers of cargo box architecture or cargotecture as it's known, Adam Kalkin, has come up with many brilliant container homes over the years including his first shipping container home back in 2001. Since then, he's created a line of cargo container homes with unique designs including this one that's known as the Old Lady House. Even his website is a work of art, and from his home designs, you can tell that Adam has a very creative mind so his home designs would be nothing short of inspiring. This steel container house is located in Califon, New Jersey and is made to be three shipping containers wide and two shipping containers tall with two sides that are made out of glass. Even though it's called the Old Lady House, it couldn't be further from that in its design. The home has a very modern industrial style with an open and bright interior and modern fixtures. So it's not grannyish by any means. Adam Kalkin used the recycled shipping containers as a base for the home design, and unlike other shipping container homes, he left the original container exteriors exposed instead of covering them all with siding. So you can see the distinct red colour on the metal as well as the brand name of the container scrawled on the sides. It actually ends up looking pretty sleek though in the end.

There are two sides to the home that are separated by the yard, and he also designed a bridge to take them across from one house to the other. The bridge was even designed to match the containers allowing it to fit in perfectly. One side of the home is built entirely out of shipping containers while the other side is built on a cement foundation in the side of a hill making this design even more interesting and challenging. Inside, the finishes and decor are in keeping with the modern industrial theme, with polished concrete floors and huge sliding glass doors. The kitchen features beautiful stainless steel appliances and countertops for a clean and polished look, and it looks over the living room with a dining area off to the side in a booth setting. Windows on either side of the living space open the home up to the outside world almost making it appear as though they are seamlessly connected. They hid the metal walls on the inside of the home by covering it up with some drywall for a more finished and polished look. So from the inside, you'd hardly be able to tell you're in a shipping container.

Pretty much every space in the home opens up to the outdoors in some way, and there are so many ways to get in or out of the home. The living area leads out into the centre courtyard where there is a dining table ready for some meals outdoors, and there is plenty of privacy thanks to trees and shrubs planted nearby. The bedrooms are open and spacious with deck access and beautiful views of the incredible private property. There is also a great large laundry room on the main floor as well as two of the bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a closet. It looks a lot like one of his other designs but a more simplified version of it. If you are interested in container homes and design, then Adam's designs are definitely some great ones to gain some more inspiration from, which would be great especially if you're thinking about building your very own shipping container in the future. What do you think of this home? Would you enjoy living in a shipping container home like this one?

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