Shipping Container Cabin You Won't Believe How Nice It Is Inside!

Got a piece of land you want to put a small home on? One of the biggest trends in housing and home design is the shipping container and using it to create a home. It combines nicely with the tiny house movement, which is also very popular right now since these containers can be used to build a tiny house using just one container. Once the shipping containers have been used for their purpose to transport goods across the ocean, they are then either used for scrap metal or now; they are being purchased and repurposed as home building materials. The reason people love these shipping containers so much is because they provide the perfect shape for a home as well as strong and durable materials. These shipping containers act as building blocks to create a larger home or structure and can also be used on their own to create tiny houses. Stacking or joining the containers allows people to expand their home or building, and they are able to get more space without having to do expensive renovations.

While many of the shipping container projects right now tend to be residential, they are also being used for commercial and construction purposes. Even Starbucks, the famous coffee company, is using them to create sustainable cafes all around the world, and they are also great for office and studio buildings. Construction companies are also making use of these shipping containers by using them as office buildings or as street protection for passers-by. Using shipping containers as building materials is not only cost-effective; it's also a very sustainable building choice too. Instead of turning to natural resources like wood for building materials, using steel containers that are out of commission will save valuable resources and could be better for the planet. All of the energy it takes to make these containers into scrap metal could also do more harm than good, so keeping them intact and finding another use for them is a responsible and innovative choice.

This shipping container home in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada shows us just how beautiful shipping container homes can be and also how affordable they can be too. The home costs around $58,000, including everything you see here. This is a rather small application of a shipping container home, but it's really cute, to say the least. It's also sustainable as it's off-grid and very efficient too. The 20-foot shipping containers were transformed into a 355 square foot home on the inside, and even though it still may look like a shipping container on the outside, it looks like a home on the inside. The builder used 3 of the 20-foot containers and joined them together to create the larger space. Each of the containers can act as a room, or the walls can be taken out to create a more expansive space.

When the doors are all closed, the shipping container looks like a regular container, but these steel doors can be opened to reveal the true openings to the house. In the centre are the French doors and on either side of them are windows. Having the steel doors would be a great way to protect the house from intruders and environmental disasters too like high winds or hurricanes. Inside, the home looks like a regular home or apartment with an open living area including the living room, a dining area and a kitchen. They also insulated the home and added in-floor heating and a wood stove. There's also a bathroom with a composting toilet and shower. This container cabin is designed to be able to be moved to a new location efficiently, making it even more desirable for those who need to move.

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