Gambrel Roof Barn Style House Built With Reclaimed Barn Wood

This ski cabin building located in Sugar Bowl, California has everything you would expect from a cozy and rustic vacation home. The gambrel roof barn style house is a dream home away from home. The cabin building built by Kelly and Abramson Architecture and its interior design is the work of studio Sally Ward. The palette of building materials used throughout the cabin building project includes plenty of reclaimed barn wood used for the exterior siding of the barn style house, railings, the flooring, the exposed beams, in combination with a gambrel roof made of corrugated galvanized metal. These choices help to give the cabin building a rustic and welcoming appearance.

The cabin building has a gambrel roof which is popular for rustic structures, especially on barns. The cabin building is rustic, cozy and warm and also connected to its natural surroundings in a seamless manner. The living room features a massive stone-clad fireplace which makes the whole space look and feels warm and cozy. The large beams are made of reclaimed wood, and they add a lot of charm to the cabin as a whole. Several industrial-style elements are found throughout the cabin building, including all of the light fixtures. The kitchen has a great layout that features open kitchen cabinets and a large farmhouse-style sink. All of the salvaged wood used throughout the barn style house creates a strong sense of comfort and gives the rooms a lot of character. The open dining area is connected to the living room yet looks and feels like a separate, intimate space

The interior of this barn style house reveals a series of functional and open, friendly spaces and a warm and inviting ambiance throughout the cabin building. There’s a large living room with a large fireplace and comfy sofas, a big farmhouse sink, a spacious kitchen with a great layout and six bedrooms, one of which is a loft space and two of the bedrooms being the kids’ rooms with bunk beds. There’s also a large outdoor patio with a fire pit and a water tank that’s a hot tub. Inside there are industrial light fixtures and massive wooden beams, designed to give a cohesive look with a cozy and rustic ambiance in all of the different areas of the cabin.

A gambrel roof is a popular choice on barns. Its distinct profile has two sides, similar to the traditional gable roof, but the gambrel roof design has two different slopes on each of its two sides. The smaller upper portion of the gambrel roof where it peaks has a much lower slope. The bottom portion of the gambrel roof has a very steep slope, so it is almost vertical. Each of the sides of the roof are symmetrical to give the barn structure a balanced look. The gambrel roof design is similar to the mansard roof, which also has two different slopes. The main difference between the two different types of roofs is that the mansard roof has four sides, just like a hip roof, while the gambrel roof has just two. Both roofs have similar benefits with a slightly different finished look.

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