Inspired By Old Barns And Stables, Take a Look Inside This Modern House

This barn style takes the best of both worlds, old and new to come up with a modern barn with plenty of character. The barn style house located in Austin, Texas brings together elements of modern design and combines it with industrial and rustic design details, barn-inspired details and with references to local structures that are typical to the rural Texas region. At the same time, the barn style house is also reminiscent of a loft-style apartment which ultimately gives the modern barn an eclectic look and makes it perfect for its owners. In some ways, the barn style house is similar to a barn, with a few big and more obvious differences. The barn style house is organized over two floors with one section being about double-height volume. Details in this modern barn include the cedar siding, steel window frames and the exposed wooden beams that have a rustic-industrial character. The modern barn is complemented by a variety of modern features to include the large windows, the bare concrete flooring to create a very pleasant vibe throughout the modern barn and barn style house.

The barn renovation by Pavonetti Architecture has an interior of the barn style house is simple and features elements to include a vaulted ceiling, white walls, a rich color palette, and complementary materials and textures. The staircase in the modern barn which connects the two floors was built on the building site out of plate steel, pine wood and expanded metal. The leftover steel was then used on furniture pieces such as the entryway console table and bathroom sink vanities. The modern barn has an abundance of natural light that comes through the windows to ensure a bright and inviting ambiance. In the bedrooms and bathrooms, privacy is ensured by the frosted glass panels.

The exterior of the modern barn has a modern feel that doesn't prepare you for what you will see inside. The interior of this barn style house is a surprise with its open, airy feeling, white walls and modern feel. The downstairs provides a nice sized space, perfect for entertaining with family and friends. The owners make efficient use of space, with convenient hooks used for bicycle storage, open shelving in the kitchen and plenty of kitchen cabinets. The kitchen as modern as it feels still keeps with the barn style house theme with its farmhouse sink and butcher block countertops.

Once upstairs you can't help but be struck by the openness of the entire space as you look out onto the downstairs space and its high ceilings. The master bedroom as modern as it is still added in subtle farmhouse touches such as the quilt on the bed, wooden floors and updated antique dresser. The bathroom upstairs has a modern style sink, concrete floors, and while it doesn't have a clawfoot tub, it does have shower fixtures that have a farmhouse look. This modern barn is beautifully finished inside and out, and has a look and feel all of its own.

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