Extensive Natural Gardens Surround This Portland Barn Style House

Surrounded by lush landscape, this barn style house takes every opportunity to take in the views of the surrounding natural gardens and rolling hills, while also create a warm space that is suitable for a multi-generational family. The form of the reclaimed barn wood-clad cabin building is similar to a farm structure or even a greenhouse with its gridded glazing and its pitched roof and high windows at each end of the main part of the home. The front door to the modern barn opens to a vista through the living room, with views of the hillside beyond. The barn style house has a long gallery corridor that separates the private bedroom spaces from the more public living spaces, while the gardens are visible from every room. Interior building materials incorporate the earthy, textural feeling of the outdoor natural gardens and exposed timber ceilings found in the main room that lends a sense of rustic appeal. With easily accessible outdoor living spaces that offer plentiful spaces for family and friends gatherings in the lush surroundings.

The spectacular barn style house and lush gardens are just two of the features of this Portland, Oregon home designed by Olson Kundig. The barn style house was created for a master gardener and his multi-generational family. The modern barn has 5,300-square-feet of space and boasts stunning vistas of the rolling hills through walls of glass. The building materials used, the style of the structure and the beautiful gardens blend the modern barn seamlessly with its natural surroundings. This barn style house has a simple silhouette with its high-pitched gable. The modern barn is done in reclaimed barn wood, which lends to the natural feel and this type of architecture. The modern barn has architectural gridded windows that give a greenhouse vibe, perfect for the views of the surrounding garden which can be seen from every room in the barn style house.

The Country Garden House finished in 2013 makes use of timber inside and out, which allows the home to be in perfect harmony with the natural landscape. From the exterior of the modern barn, it is used as siding and on soffits while inside, floors, walls, and furnishings all feature plenty of wood. The large gridded windows of this modern barn provide a bright respite from all the wood in addition to a light-filled interior. The long gallery corridor in the house separates the private bedroom spaces from the more public living spaces and also showcases the owners’ artworks.

Cedar walls surround the living areas in the house, which also use reclaimed Baba fir floors. The main living area in the house is focused on a large stone fireplace, which also serves as a divider, separating the den from the living room. The high vaulted ceiling help to create a very open feeling and the exposed timber give a sense of rustic refinement. Some eclectic additions include antique furnishings and a coffee table that was designed by Jim Olson. Together these elements all help to create an earthy yet modern home that meshes with the gardens outside the windows.

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