Barn Home in Colorado - A Dream Getaway for A Father and Son

This Combination Barn Style House with attached garage is located in the mountains of Colorado. The barn style house is 3,073 square feet with a 384 square foot garage. A father and son built this dream barn style house getaway while completely customizing the inside with their style. All of the Sand Creek Post & Beam wood barn style house kits feature the beauty and strength of post and beam timber frame construction. Their custom designed barn style house kits have been used as full-time residences, wood cabin buildings, lake houses, loft apartments, secondary barn style houses, and combination use barn and modern barn. These barn style house kits are rustic yet sophisticated, with the barns being pre-manufactured, shipped as a barn kit, and built to last generations. This barn style house is located in Colorado.

This barn style house is the ultimate getaway in the perfect location. The barn style house is a combination of wood and stone to fit in beautifully with its natural surroundings. From the wooden posts and beams throughout, the stone fireplace with unique crooked stones, wooden kitchen cabinets, and stone floor this barn style house has it all. The father and son are both architects who put their custom finishes into this stunning barn style house. The father built almost every piece of furniture that is in the home.

Sand Creek Post & Beam encourages you to customize your barn kit until it’s exactly what you have envisioned. Because the barn kit customization takes time, they recommend placing your order about six months before your targeted barn style house construction start date. This allows time to create and revise your barn plans, and handcraft your kit frame and accessories. Time frames may vary depending on the overall complexity of your cabin building project and are for reference only. All of the Sand Creek Post & Beam frames are pre-assembled to ensure a perfect fit before they are disassembled for shipment. The resulting barn build is an attractive, extremely sturdy barn build that will enhance your property and provide you with several years of enjoyment. With several sizes, styles, options and accessories from which to choose, Sand Creek Post & Beam barn, big timber barn and outbuilding kits can be custom and designed to create your one-of-a-kind barn. You need only a foundation to build and the shingles that you choose to complete your barn or outbuilding.

Pre-manufacturing your barn. Sand Creek Post & Beam traditional barn kits are manufactured at their modern post and beam plant facilities in Wayne, Nebraska. The Sand Creek Post & Beam system of the building is the perfect blend of customization with pre-manufacturing. They take each customer’s one-of-a-kind custom barn style house design and pre-build the complete barn kit frame as well as handcraft each door, window, and cupola in one of their plant facilities. Every barn house kit and accessory is made following rigorous quality control standards to help ensure a superior barn kit product. Once completed, the barn frame is disassembled, and everything is packaged, then labelled and shipped to your property. You will enjoy the convenience, quality control, ease of barn style house construction and economies of a pre-manufactured structure just like the barn kit companies of 100 years ago.

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