The Great Plains Eastern Barn Home Will Make Your Dreams Come True

This 30 foot by 50 foot Great Plains Eastern Barn Home has 2,340 square feet of living space and features a 12-foot open porch. The barn style house serves as a family retreat for a family in Texas. All of the Sand Creek Post and Beam wood barn kits feature the strength and beauty of their post and beam timber frame construction. Their custom designed barns have been used for wedding facilities, horse barns, equipment and toy storage, detached garages, loft living, party barns, and event centers. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV Their barn cabin buildings are rustic yet sophisticated, with the barns being pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last for generations. This barn style house is located in Texas.

This is one barn style house that you will be sure to love. Everything about this modern barn is beautifully done from the rustic exterior to the brick-lined walls inside. With a wraparound covered porch perfect for entertaining and high ceilings that make for the ultimate interior space, this barn style house has it all. You'll want to take a look at the amazing kitchen with its built-in benches for eating; it's the perfect place to prepare meals for family and friends, then to sit back and relax. The great open room with its living and dining area is amazing with its high wooden ceiling, exposed beams and sparkling chandelier. If that weren't enough outside is a large pool, perfect for summer entertaining.

The spiral staircase that leads upstairs to the bedrooms is a great addition to this barn style house. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION Of course, the barn style house is located in a natural country setting which is a nice backdrop for this stunning modern barn. You'll want to take a closer look at all the details for this modern barn; you might even find yourself dreaming of a barn style house of your own. This barn style house has a master bedroom on the main floor with a large ensuite with a claw foot tub.

Sand Creek Post & Beam is a company with a deep concern for the environment and the protection of the land. They want their barn style houses to last for generations, while still ensuring that healthy forests and a clean environment are part of their legacy. Not only was wood the traditional building material that was used for barns, but wood is also a building material that grows naturally, using the energy from the sun, and is the only major building material that is renewable, reusable and sustainable. Wood outperforms other building materials in terms of energy use, air pollution and greenhouse gases, and is actively promoted by the USDA as being a superior green building material. Where other builders might use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, Sand Creek Post & Beam chooses to use Eastern Red Cedar that is a building material that is naturally resistant to rot, insects and decay. Also, the flexibility of wood makes it the ideal building material for earthquake safety or high wind requirements.

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