Featured Log Builder: Hobbiton Log Homes

When it comes to log homes Hobbiton Log Homes in Estonia values craftsmanship in the construction of their homes, they are one of the largest producers of handcrafted log homes in Europe putting them on the cutting edge of log home building. Starting out in 1997, the company has over 21 years of experience in the log building business, and they have created more than 450 handcrafted log houses of various sizes and designs. The beautiful thing is, no two of their homes are exactly alike, and that's what makes them so special. Their designs are very unique with a mixture of traditional style and contemporary flair. Most of the homes they build are for people in Estonia, Norway, Finland, and France, but they have also built homes for people in Russia, Spain, the United States, and even Martinique in the Caribbean. With a quality manager onsite they have someone there ensuring that each of the log homes they build is up to their high standards of quality. They have always worked hard to keep their products high quality and to deliver amazing service throughout the entire process. The log builders at Hobbiton Log Homes have also learned techniques under the supervision of talented log builders like George Fuller from the Norwegian Norsk Lafteskole and Joel McCarthy from the Timber Framers Guild. The development manager of the company, Andres Uus, is also a lecturer at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and at the Viljandi Culture Academy. Plus the company also belongs to the Estonian Woodhouse Association and the International Log Builders Association.

In 2017, alongside the LEADER program, Hobbiton built a production workshop in Räpina, which is where they build every single log home. This increases the efficiency of production and can help to reduce waste and costs. Then in 2018, they opened a new sawmill to improve the quality of their materials and to create their own custom materials. Most people love the look of a log home, but there's much more to log homes than looks. They are made with renewable resources, and in this case, Hobbiton uses materials that have been sustainably produced. Once built, the log home will also be very energy efficient, and it will have clean air thanks to the balanced humidity and climate. Beyond the build, before building can even begin, the company is also very patient while planning each log home and they work one on one with each client that comes their way. They assist each client in coming up with the best solutions for the project. They make an effort to listen to each client's concerns and ideas for their log home project making sure they incorporate their ideas the best they can into the final project. All of these consultations are free, and they can help you to find the perfect architect for your designing needs.

Clients and the log builders will also agree on a specific budget and a building schedule. Some customers also do some of the work on the house themselves too or commission someone else to do it. Customers also need to get building permits which the log builders at Hobbiton will help with. The first phase of building consists of creating the walls for the home, all of the logs are transported to the site and are ready to be assembled which usually takes about 2 to 3 days, then the roof, doors, windows and floors are added as well as the inner walls. The log builders also have carpenters who can help with the interior finishing. They'll also run you through some tips on how to properly maintain your log home as well which will keep it in good shape for many years to come.

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