Featured Log Builder: Ritsu Log Homes

Ritsu Log Homes has some beautiful designs that are worth having a look at even if you don't live in that area. The log builders main business consists of the design, manufacturing and construction of round and square log houses. Plus they also design, manufacture and construct modular houses as well. With a team of 60 log builders and a production area of 10,000 m2, the company has thrived for over 26 years building their stunning log homes. They've also exported log homes to 40 different countries by creating prefabricated log home packages that can then be assembled on site. The log builders mainly build and ship log homes to Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Sweden and Estonia. The log builders' mission is to build beautiful, unique and sustainable log homes using renewable materials in a sustainable way. They even designed and created their own woodworking equipment for their business and for others who are interested in building log and wood homes. These machines made by Ritsus are working in ten countries around the world. They're always developing new ideas and innovative solutions for the construction of wooden houses with the highest quality at the best prices. The CNC technology used in these machines allows the manufacturers to get very accurate results very quickly, speeding up the production time and reducing waste.

The log builders offer a new and improved wall system for square log homes, creating a thicker outer wall that is connected with a thin inner wall. The outer walls will be 180 and 202 mm in diameter and the thinner inner wall 114 mm in diameter. Not only does this save on materials, but it also lowers costs without reducing the overall quality of the building. For insulation, the homes are insulated both on the inside and the outside using an outer-faced board. Wood is the perfect climate regulator for home interiors since it can store heat and excess humidity and then release it to regulate the temperature inside. This provides a pleasant indoor temperature and reduced costs in heating and cooling. Since wood is a natural material, it's also the best material for humans. Wood used in homes helps reduce potential allergens and also can filter the air making it cleaner. Each of the homes from Ritsu Log Homes are built by their log builders in their factory all the way to the end product. Building the homes in a controlled environment like this will help to speed up the production of the home meaning that the customer will be able to get their home sooner. When the home arrives at the property, it can be easily assembled and installed onto a foundation that the customer has put into place before the building materials arrive.

All of the wall pieces of the log house are 100% ready for installation once they arrive at the job site, so there isn't any complicated work to be done. All of the holes have been drilled, and all of the milling is finished in the factory. Even the holes for electrical wires and sockets are added beforehand so when the electrician comes to wire the house; it will be all ready. All of the windows and door openings are cut to the proper size, and slate beams are cut ahead of time as well. You can see that the finished results of these homes are nothing short of beautiful and that you can get that handcrafted traditional log home look with a milled prefabricated log home package for a more affordable price. Plus, the home will also be very energy efficient and eco-friendly.

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