Featured Log Builder: Tender Nordic Log Homes

Tender Nordic Log Homes has been in the log building business for quite a while having 23 years of experience and counting. They've built over 160 log homes over the years, each one expertly crafted using high-quality materials and paying close attention to detail. Their team members choose each and every log that goes into one of their log homes, so no two homes are the same, but each home includes the best materials. The log builders have also held a membership with the Estonian Woodhouse Association for 12 years making them a trusted log builder. The logs they use in the production of the homes are all dried to a moisture content of 15-25%. They do this very carefully using precise technology to avoid problems in the long run. Drying the logs helps to minimize cracking and drastic shifts in the log house as it settles. They also use the best methods for creating the corner joints of the home which will help the log home stand sturdy for a lifetime or longer. Implementing the proper insulation means that the log home will also be comfortable in temperature year round, yet very well ventilated. They can also come up with smart and efficient design concepts for places that are subject to extreme heat or cold.

When you're working with this company, or really any log builder like them, you can first expect to talk about your financial goals and your budget. You decide the perfect price for you, and then you will be recommended an architect who will expertly design the perfect log home for you. The log homes at Tender Nordic Log Homes are far from boring or usual too, so the sky's the limit when it comes to the design of your home. After the plan and budget are decided, they can start building your special log home. The Tender log building team creates the walls and roofs for log homes and they also install the doors and windows as well. They have other contractors that work as their partners in business lay the foundation, do the electrical and then design the interior and build the stone fireplaces. Then, they can deliver the prepared pieces of your home to the building lot and begin assembling the log home. Once that's all finished, and you admire your new log home, they will also give you some maintenance instructions to keep the log home looking beautiful and functioning properly over the years. Customers can also call them for advice, even 10 or 15 years later if needed.

Most people are curious about the prices of these log homes too, and since every log home is unique, the prices will be too. You can see the homes they've built on their website to give you an idea of what one of their log homes would cost. Each of the homes includes the hand-hewn log walls as well as the roof, doors and windows. That also includes installation and construction. Prices do not include the concrete foundation or the interior works like electric and plumbing or the finishing touches. For example, a 953 square foot log home or cabin with one floor, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom would cost around 79,000 € to start which is about $89,700 US. So you're looking at about $100,000 or more to finish a project like this. Tender Nordic Log Homes has a variety of plans you can look through on their website including a modern log home plan which has very clean lines with a traditional appeal as well as a 5 bedroom home that has a gambrel roof for a more country style. Have a look at their plans and see which one stands out the most to you.

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