Featured Log Builder: Highlands Log Structures

Log home builders, Highlands Log Structures from Virginia, strive to provide you with an exceptionally handcrafted log house. With their drawknifes, scribes, chisels and saws, their log house craftsman creates an artistic masterpiece. You can see the beauty in their log house designs with the attention to detail and hard work. Highlands Log Structures works with you and your family to make your log house dreams a reality.

​Over the years, these log house builders have evolved in many aspects of log house building. They offer various cabin building services from full log house construction, post and beam homes, log accents, to their new Nature Craft series. They also offer a wide variety of cabin building components, log house design services, contracting and consultation services, as well as, interior log house decor. ​At Highlands Log Structures their primary cabin building species is Eastern White Pine. Their pines are harvested locally in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia. In this part of the country, there is an abundant, naturally renewable resource available for handcrafted log house construction. If however, you are interested in a different species of logs, Highlands Log Structures will try and make it work for you.

Log Shells. At Highlands Log Structures, Inc. they specialize in handcrafting. Their basic log house package includes log work and re-erection crew only. If it is not a log house, then it is not included. Log work from log home to home may vary, depending on the requirements of the log home owner.​ Log shells will vary depending on the client's specifications. You can choose from a variety of log house options to make your log shell unique. Log Accents. Log accent pieces for your log house help to add a great deal of character. Mountain style log homes are on the rise with the use of dramatic timbers and conventional building materials. Log house roof systems and character logs help to accent those areas of the log house where you want to put the most emphasis in your log home without the full log construction. Basements, garages and second story log house areas can benefit from log house accents. It helps to tie the log home together and add a bit of nature without the cost of a full log structure.​

Timberframe, and Post and Beam. Post and Beam Structures are ta great option to those if you want stability and the structure of a log house dwelling but prefer to have the flexibility of conventional building materials throughout the entire home. Many other post and beam log house structures such as pavilions, pool houses, and outdoor entertainment areas are becoming more and more popular. These types of log house structures can allow you to extend areas to great lengths and widths without having to deal with the settlement commonly found in full log structures.​ Home Decor and Interiors. If you are looking for a desktop, custom table, barn wood door, reclaimed mantle, or any other specialty wood item, Highlands Log Structures can help custom design those pieces for you.

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