Featured Log Builder: ELH Palkehituse

Handmade log homes are a part of our history around the world. So it's always wonderful to see the legacy of log building continue on with companies like ELH Palkehituse. The primary industry of this log builder is building handcrafted log homes and cabins as well as other types of log structures using either round or square logs. IN the past, either round or square logs were used as well, sometimes even a combination of the two types which is another option ELH Palkehituse log builders offer their customers. The log builders at ELH Palkehituse realize that each customer's vision and design ideas for their log homes is different. So they don't have a line up of proposed plans. Everything is custom or customizable so the customer can get exactly what they want in their log home. The log builders are there every step of the way to assist with the planning and to keep the customer included through each building phase. The company mainly builds log homes in Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany and they offer planning, building, assembling and restoration of log homes and buildings. You can actually see the entire process of building a log house on their lot where they are able to build in a controlled and covered environment.

Each of their premium log homes is built by a team of skilled log builders with years of experience. The company has 14 years of experience, and they only get the best of the best to build their homes. The company also belongs to the Estonian Woodhouse Association. The process of building a log home starts with the design which will be created according to the customer's preferences and then the log builders have professional architect Arlis Narusberk work on the plans for the customer. Next, all of the logs are hand-chosen specifically for the project the log builders will be working on. Typically the key to choosing the best logs is to find logs that are straight because they're easier to work with and create logs from. Also, logs that have a high resin content and dense heartwood will be best. They also look at the rings of the tree where the narrower rings refer to stronger wood since the tree would have not grown too much within a year. It's also best to cut the trees in the wintertime which is also what the log builders from ELH Palkehituse do so that the wood is left in great condition. For their log homes and cabins, they usually use Pine trees with a thickness of at least 27 cm.

Construction logs are then hand peeled which helps to maintain the layer of wood underneath bark and increases the longevity of the log. After peeling and drying the logs, they can start being used to create the walls of the home and then the roof. You can see in some of the homes built by ELH Palkehituse, they have used square logs which give the home more of a modern look, but the rounded logs tend to look a bit more rustic and traditional. ELH Palkehituse log builders will also add in the windows and doors of the home while it's being constructed on the building site. The log homes and cabins can be built up to any stage including the shell stage all the way up to the completely finished stage. It all depends on whether the client wants to do some of the work themselves or not. Have a look at some of their great designs and see what you think about this log builder.

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