Alpha: When Tiny House Meets Luxury

This tiny home design is incredible, and it's pretty amazing how so much can fit into one tiny space. The Alpha tiny house on wheels offers compactness and opulence in just 236 square feet. Built by New Frontier Tiny Homes, the home was their first tiny home design and now they have a few others to choose from as well. But the Alpha is definitely their pride and joy, and it's easy to see why. This tiny house on wheels offers so much in its small space. From the amazing doors and windows to the beautiful wood panelling inside and out, the tiny home has a lot going for it. The style is modern yet rustic, which gives the house a great mix of country and city. Probably one of the coolest features in this design is the glass garage door that opens the tiny house up completely to the outside world. There's also a huge patio door on the other side of the tiny house which really opens the space up wide. This shows us how much of a difference doors and windows can make in a tiny space. The way the home would feel if there weren't any windows would be so dark and closed in, but with the clear glass, it opens it up quite a bit. In the kitchen area they also doubled up windows and put two windows on top of one another to open up the space and windows in the bathroom are perfect too.

This particular tiny house on wheels has something you've probably never seen in a tiny house before - a jetted bathtub. How cool is that? Most tiny houses don't even include a bathtub let alone a jetted one. Most often you'll just find a stand-up shower in the bathrooms of tiny houses on wheels, but for people who enjoy their baths, sometimes you just make it fit. There are also smaller cast iron bathtubs you can purchase and install into tiny houses, they are quite pricy, but for someone who wanted that look, it would be well worth the money. In the bathroom, there is also an all in one washer and dryer for laundry, which is a must-have. The all in one units work very well apparently, and it would be nice not to have to switch over your laundry in between cycles. The Alpha tiny home design also features a dishwasher in the kitchen which is also pretty uncommon to see in a tiny house on wheels. But if the clients function better in their daily life with a dishwasher, then it makes sense that they would have one.

Another surprise feature of the home is the huge dining table with seating that comes out of the stairs. Basically, you just roll the seating out, then the table, and set it up by folding out the legs. The table can apparently host up to 8 people, and the open garage door would provide tons of space for maneuvering in and out of the seating. The kitchen features a full sized fridge, a convection oven and an induction cooktop with a hood fan to extract steam and grease. There's plenty of storage included in the home with the help of wooden crates and shelving all around. Up in the loft area, fits a king-sized bed and lots of shelving for books and items, and of course, there's a window for ventilation. This tiny home design shows us that there doesn't have to be anything left out when it comes to small house living, it's all in how you plan it. Check out the photos of this home for ideas and more tiny house inspiration. Maybe you'll be inspired to build or buy one of your own someday.

More about this story can be found at: New Frontier Tiny Homes

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