A Picture Perfect Tiny House on Wheels for Four

The Innisfree Anarres is a 348 square foot tiny house on wheels, that is 28 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches wide, with two sleeping lofts. This tiny house design sleeps four, has clothing storage in the bathroom, exterior storage shed, 12 windows to let in plenty of natural light and has an eat-in kitchen bar. This tiny house on wheels is by Teacup tiny homes, a tiny house company that has a vision of diversifying the housing needs across both Canada and the United States. Teacup Tiny Homes build their tiny homes with a lot of passion, vision and drive. The owner believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest. The Innisfree Anarres tiny house on wheels is stunning inside and out with all the comforts of home in a modern tiny house design.

Teacup Tiny Homes cultural foundation is set and built on the concept of enjoying everything that life has to offer and living, feeling, and experiencing all of the moments that life has to offer. They provide functional tiny house designs for people to enhance and enrich their lives. No matter what the tiny house design or tiny house build may be allowing their clients to live freer, happier, and less tied down by the space around them is their fundamental purpose. Their core value is all about experience, nurture, trust, growth and empathy. Experiencing life fully and at the moment. Nurturing and caring for the needs of their clients and themselves. Going above and beyond is the bare minimum of what they do. Trusting the process, that all the events in life are working out for you and a higher purpose. Accepting the events as part of the process to help achieve greatness. Fostering a growth mindset. Empathy, understanding and communication with everyone around you to achieve winning results.

The Teacup Tiny Homes team consists of journeymen trades who have been in the home building and the manufacturing industry for decades. They believe that to build the best product for their tiny house amazing clients they need the best tradesman and supplier partners. They build their tiny houses in Lethbridge, Alberta in a controlled and safe indoor factory environment. From there, their trade partners are contracted to complete the tiny homes with quality control checklists and processes to help ensure the utmost quality and service to their tiny home buyers.

They are about bringing tiny house ownership to reality. Whether you desire full-time small house living, a cabin building in the woods, an outdoor tiny shack, or a summer getaway, they have options for everything. You can live your dreams, live your dreams affordably and experience life to the fullest. With a Teacup Tiny Home, you can fulfill your dreams. Their mission is to grant people the opportunity to obtain financial freedom. They help by simplifying life, lowering the cost of living, and removing clutter. With savvy tiny house designs and alternative thinking, they create tiny house luxuries that are innovative, affordable and the perfect place to call home.

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