Thia Tiny House Turns Invisible at Night

There are all sorts of tiny houses out there these days. Tiny houses that have rock climbing walls and rooftop patios, even tiny houses with hot tubs. This tiny house from Casa Invisible which means Invisible House actually disappears at night as if by magic. Although, it's not magic at all, it's just a genius design for a home created from mirror panels that outline the exterior of the home. This allows for not only a really sleek and modern design composition but also a way for the home to fit seamlessly in with its surroundings. These panels will reflect the scenery right back which makes the home almost disappear, especially at night. The basic model of this tiny home from Casa Invisible is ready to move in and includes all of the furniture and fixtures starting at around € 98.500. The design was created by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in Vienna, Austria, one of the leading architects in the area. They've created amazing buildings like the Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang, South Korea. Also the Austrian Pavilion in Venice, and other commercial buildings as well as the Casa Invisible you see here.

The Casa Invisible is a small home unit consisting of prefabricated panels that fit together once transported to the building site. The tiny homes have a lot of flexibility so could be used in many different applications including as a full-time smaller residence or a cottage. They would even work out great as guest houses or rental units. The architects, like many home designers these days, wanted to address the growing housing issues we face around the world. There are not enough homes for people to live in, and even more so, not enough affordable housing for people either. This building would offer a great way for people to have a stylish and contemporary home without the huge costs. The open layout is structured by a chimney and a wet cell creating three spatial units that provide for individual use and design. The homes are made using prefabricated timber which reduces costs and the total cost per unit would be around €120,000 which is around $134,490 USD, and that includes everything needed to move into the home including furnishings. The dimensions of these small homes are 14.50 meters by 3.50 meters, and they also offer customization of their floor plans as well. The homes can be assembled on site and then taken apart with minimal disturbance to the land which makes them very eco-friendly.

Inside, the open floor plan is partially separated by the fireplace creating flow and separation between spaces. All of the surfaces and the home's materials are made from local wood in an Austrian factory which makes the production of these homes very sustainable. Each home is completely constructed in their factory and then shipped to the location of the building site to be reassembled easily. The prefabrication of these homes also reduces waste that comes from construction projects, and it speeds up the construction time as well. All customers need to do is choose the size of home they want from large, medium or small, then choose the interior finish colours from light to dark wood and in between too. You can also add furniture and fixtures as well as decks or patios on the homes. They will then create the home to suit the lot you're building it on, create it in their factory and ship it out to you. After just a few days, the home will be ready to live in and enjoy for years to come and will look incredible on any property mirroring whatever is surrounding it. What do you think of this innovative form of design?

More about this story can be found at: Casa Invisible

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