This May be the First Tiny House in Denmark

Tiny houses have made a big impact all over the world, including in Denmark where this tiny house is located. It actually may be built by the first tiny house building company in Denmark too as it doesn't seem that there are any other companies building tiny houses in Denmark as of yet. You can take a video tour of the home thanks to Go Downsize who met up with the owners of the company to take a closer look at this awesome home. Lasse Nielsen and Michael Henneke are the founders of Tiny House Living, and they both have a passion for the innovative designs and the flexibility of tiny houses and the simple lifestyle these homes offer. They were inspired by tiny houses from the United States, so they created their tiny house to meet Danish and European building codes and standards using high-quality materials and the best in design. The house includes many features and customers can design their own space with their specific preferences and needs in mind. The prices on their tiny houses start at DKK 480,000, which is around $72,000 USD depending on design and finishes. Or they also rent them out for around DKK 5,000 per month which is about $750 USD. The tiny house design you see featured here is their main model currently, and it's a 194 square foot floor plan on the main floor with 108 square feet of loft space that can be used for either sleeping or storage.

On the main floor of this tiny house, design is the kitchen which includes a sleek stove and oven as well as a stainless steel fridge and freezer. It's great that they added in these full-sized appliances since they make cooking and living so much easier than the smaller appliances you usually see in tiny houses on wheels. They also added plenty of cabinets and counter tops making it easy to store kitchen items and prepare meals. Since the kitchen is situated on one side of the home, they were able to use all of the space to make a U shaped kitchen that has a lot of food prep and storage space which is a great design idea. Just beyond the kitchen is a bunch of storage and a little bench seat that can be used to enjoy reading a book or lounging. They also installed a table that can be used as a desk or folded out to be larger so it can be used as a dining table for more than two people. All of the closet space is wonderful as storage is essential to keeping a tiny house organized and tidy. One of the closets even has enough space to hang clothing which is a great feature.

The bathroom includes a flush toilet, a shower and a sink with a vanity and storage. There's more than enough space in the bathroom, even for taller people. They even included an all in one washer dryer combo unit which is great for those who don't want to have to go to the laundromat to have their laundry done. The master bedroom is in one of the lofts with more than enough space for the bed and to sit up thanks to the shed roof leaving lots of headspace. The other side is the living room area which has a pad on the ground to sit on with comfortable pillows and a large TV to enjoy. It's really interesting to see tiny houses from around the world and see how they are similar and how they have some differences as well. This one is a great inspiration for those looking to make the most out of their tiny house space.

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