You Wont Believe This Cute Guest House Used to Be a Dusty Garage!

Isn't it always wonderful to see an older home get a complete makeover? What's even better is seeing an old garage or shed completely transformed into a cute little cottage with tons of style and character. You might not believe that this sweet little cottage once used to be a dusty old garage. Allie of Proverbs 31 Girl, transformed the garage in her yard into an awesome guest house for her family and friends who come to visit. The garage started as a single garage stall if you can imagine. But then Allie and her husband with the help of their family members raised the ceilings, added some drywall and put in a window in place of the garage door to make it feel more like a cottage home. Of course, they also had to add some flooring that they happened to be able to get from friends who bought a home with 4 different types of flooring on their main level. So Allie scored the remains of the flooring. The wood flooring looks great in the little cottage, and they also added some tile flooring at the front door which will especially come in handy when people have wet boots and shoes in the winter and spring.

She also got a cute little electric fireplace for only $40 and painted it the same white as the walls to fit in. On the walls, they also created a board and batten style of wall with some boards to give it a nice country vibe.On the exterior, they gave it a fresh coat of white paint and added some black accents for the cute window shutters and the door leading into the cottage. They also added some great little planters beneath the windows for a touch of greenery and a sweet little garden on the side of the cottage. There's a nice awning over the front door and a rocking chair close by for sitting in front of the home under the shade of the trees on the property. On the inside, the cottage is adorable and super cozy. Allie has made some changes since they first created it, and it looked great, to begin with, but it looks amazing now. She added some soft white flowing curtains on the windows as well as some art above the fireplace. Then, a larger coffee table with some chairs with white slipcovers. All of the white actually looks incredible and proves that there's no such thing as too much of one colour pallet.

They also added a bed in the space which is perfect for guests coming to spend the night. As well as a great armoire to put linens in or guests can use to store their clothing and items. The bed looks super comfortable with all white linens and lots of pillows. The windows with the soft curtains stream some beautiful light into the space making it look really dreamy. On one side, she decided to put a nightstand and on the other, instead of another nightstand, she added a small desk with a chair which would be great for writing or doing some work. That's a great idea for a smaller space too, if you need a desk space but don't have enough room, just opt to change out one table for a desk instead. It also shows the amazing things you can do with a small space, so if you have a shed of your own or a small garage like this one, you could turn it into a sweet space on your property. It could also make for a great hang out spot when you need some relaxation.

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