This Charming Main Cottage Gets a Complete Makeover That Refreshed The Entire Space

Couple Alison and Micheal Brewer, owners of Gray Wade Design and Development in Charleston, South Carolina had been vacationing in Southwest Harbor, Maine for years when they decided to buy their own old cottage. They knew that the cottage would need some work, well maybe a lot of work, but they were up to the task of getting everything accomplished so that they could use the cottage as their summer home. The village of Southwest Harbour is actually a 100 square mile island that you can reach by the bridge, so it's fairly remote making it a lovely place to escape from city life. The space was a total of 1,200 square feet which is actually not too small, but the couple still wanted to make the best use of the space possible, and they wanted to refresh the home and infuse it with more of their own style. Where many people might choose to paint every space in this cottage all white, they chose to go with a nice medium grey colour in the dining area joined and then layer different textures within the space. You might not think that acrylic chairs and a wood table would work together, but somehow, in this space it does. They also created some great bench seating with storage under the three windows for a great space saving feature. You'll also notice that they chose to hang a painting in an unusual place, right at the ceiling level which actually helps to draw the eye upward.

In the actual kitchen space, they went with mainly white and then added in a lot of great natural wood and stainless steel appliances. The sink is a special feature too, with a grey soapstone basin and brass faucet it fits right in with the farmhouse style but also looks quite glamorous. Al of the wood you see in the design is reclaimed barn wood from South Carolina. The countertops are made from galvanized metal which adds another layer of texture in the home. They also created a little food prep area on a cute antique drafting table, and when that's not in use for food prep, it can be used as a kitchen table to eat at. In the cozy living room, they mixed rattan furniture with some classic pieces for an eclectic look that really works in the space. While the walls are painted white, the doors are painted the same grey that is seen in the kitchen to tie everything together. The feel in the living room is very cozy but also very modern. It's the perfect balance of many styles all nicely put into one home. An antique wooden chest of drawers sits by the staircase leading to the upper level and works as a great storage space for linens. If you don't have a proper linen closet, just make your own using a dresser or chest of drawers like the Brewers did such a nice job of here.

There is no central heat in the cottage so they added in a granite fireplace in the living room which can now heat then entire cottage. They added more reclaimed barn wood around the fireplace and a cute flamingo painting which celebrates Southwest Harbor's annual Flamingo Festival. They also added a nice solid wood desk in the living room to do some work at. Upstairs is the master bedroom which is again, all white with wooden beams in the peaks of the ceiling. They made the most of the small room by adding shelves as bedside tables and placing the bed right in the middle of the room. They also created bunkbeds in their kids' room for optimal space saving and function. Overall, the remodel was a great success and will provide a ton of inspiration for anyone looking to remodel an old home or cottage.

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