A Victorian Dollhouse Style Cottage Home Full of Luxury and Character

Here's a beautiful completely renovated home in Pacific Grove, California. The small cottage home is a Victorian style home with so much character and charm, making it a great inspiration for those looking to buy or renovate a home or cottage of their own. Plus, this home is really close to the beach as well. The Victorian home was first built in 1908, which is when Victorian homes were at their height of popularity both in North America and in the United Kingdom. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV These homes have very distinct features including beautiful ornate designs for the trim and details. There were many of these types of homes built in this period of the first part of the 1900s and luckily, many of them still remain thanks to previous owners who have kept them in such good shape over the years. Since they are such a treasure and part of our history, people love restoring these precious homes and making them into more modern versions of the Victorian style. They keep key features like the intricate trim and some of the great colours that are used throughout the design while implementing more modern touches like new kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixtures along with new windows to make these homes more energy efficient.

This particular Victorian cottage home in California was restored in 2011, and as you can see, the previous owners kept a lot of the original charm of the home intact. The home was renovated with eco-friendly features to make it more efficient and healthier to live in. They used non-toxic paint with no VOCs, and they got the hardwood floors from a sustainable source. They also used some recycled material for the countertops as well. The home is quite small at only 507 square feet, but the way they revamped the home, they were able to actually make it feel and appear larger than it is on the inside. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION One of the key things they did was use white paint on many of the walls to brighten it up drastically. The light is able to reflect off of the white walls making it feel much larger, and it also helps to freshen up an older home as well. They also created more of an open floor plan which helps to create a great flow in the home instead of having many smaller rooms which creates division and a home that feels smaller. If you're ever restoring an older home, it's a great idea to see about the possibility of knocking down a wall to join rooms making a larger space where the kitchen, living room and dining room are connected. As you can see in this home, it really opens things up a lot.

The living room is a great space to gather with friends and family with the bay window letting in light and views of the yard outside. The bay window also features some of the original lattice work on the top giving it that Victorian flare. The dining room is close by as well as the kitchen, so everything is right in one space. The kitchen look fabulous with all white cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a touch of modern design. It's also really great that there's a Dutch style door so the top can be opened up to let some nice cool air in. The bedroom is a very cozy space with more than enough room for the bed, as well as a nice narrow window over the bed and the bathroom is accessed from the bedroom too making it really convenient. Would this be the type of home you could see yourself fixing up and living in?

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