Amazing Farmhouse Barn Home Has a Classic Design

The Maple Lawn Farm is a lovely barn style house that features all the classic characteristics of a beautiful old Farmhouses. Out on the front lawn, you will find a porch swing not far from the barn style houses incredible wraparound porch. The barn style house is called the Maple Lawn Farm and was designed by architect Craig Sachs. The barn style house used to be the owner's childhood home, and it originally belonged to her parents. The owner of the barn style house took great care to restore the modern barn as she remembered it when she was a child. One standout feature of the Maple Lawn Farmhouse is the porch ceiling. The ceiling of the porch is a dark brown hardwood that helps in creating a deep contrast from the white walls of the building.

You'll find dark brown ceilings of the enclosed porch area which also serves as a large dining room. There's even a fireplace, perfect for use during the colder winter months. This area in the barn style house would make the perfect place to Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner together as a family. The barn style house kitchen features a classic and clean black and white design. The kitchen has a large center island that gives ample space for preparing meals, along with small industrial stools that give guests a place to enjoy a casual breakfast. The master bedroom has dark, exposed wooden beams. The barn style house has barn-style sliding doors that help to define the modern barns country aesthetic. Outside of the main Maple Lawn Farmhouse building, the home also features an external garage. There is a ring of trees around the main building that gives the owners a sense of privacy that those living in a city could only dream. Not far from the barn style house is a stone firepit. When the weather's right it makes for the perfect gathering spot.

The Maple Lawn barn style house is a great home to look for inspiration. The all-white exterior looks lovely in its country location surrounded by grass and trees. The wraparound porch is the perfect place to sit back and relax on a sunny day. The enclosed area of the porch is quite beautiful with its white walls, and dark ceiling and floor. What really stands out in the porch is the stone fireplace at the end of the room, this is a place you won't want to leave and perfect for entertaining.

The kitchen with its white kitchen cabinets and dark floors is another room that is sure to be used a lot. The master bedroom with its exposed beams and barn style doors uses white on the walls ceiling and duvet to create a space that feels light and airy. The external garage is just as beautiful as the main barn style house, with its white exterior, light metal roof and simple lines. This barn style house is decorated in a timeless design and style that will look good for years to come.

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