West Virginia Cottage Is a Sweet Retreat

If you enjoy looking at cottage designs, you’ll absolutely want to view this tiny weekend retreat shack in West Virginia. The creativity and ingenuity that goes into cottage, small house, and micro house construction never cease to amaze us. Again and again, small space designers, architects, and builders are pushing the boundaries and proving that you can do an unlimited amount of things with just a limited amount of space. Lovingly dubbed The Shack by its talented creators over at Broadhurst Architects, this cute little off-grid micro cottage is part camper, part weekend retreat. Although we’re not certain of its exact square footage, we can definitely be sure of its tiny size by looking through the gallery pictures.

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The Shack tiny home sits on a beautiful twenty-seven-acre farm with an endless West Virginia view of pastures and trees and rolling hills. Imagine looking out the large windows or stepping out your front door into a landscape like this one that seems to go on for miles. This tiny abode has a unique garage door feature that opens onto a tiny patio area, so it’s easy to open the living space inside into the great outdoors as well as bring the great outdoors into the living space. Another favourite feature of The Shack tiny house is that it is completely off-grid. It can be lit with oil lamps at night and heated with a handy wood stove that also serves for cooking purposes. This makes its small space even cozier, especially at night when the temperature drops outside. In case you are wondering where the bathroom is, there’s a well-concealed composting toilet included inside.

Cottages have always been a popular way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax, but there are many other reasons people love cottages. For one thing, it can help people reconnect with nature, just as this lovely example The Shack shows us. When you have an open, expansive landscape right outside your windows and doors, you quickly realize that you don’t need as much space on the inside. Another reason for having a cottage of your own and probably the main one is that it is economically feasible. People are able to design, build, and own their micro home, small cabin, or tiny retreat outright, without having to take out a mortgage or loan from the bank.

Small cottages are also much easier to clean, maintain, and repair, and they generally save people a lot of time in the long run. So instead of taking expensive vacations, people also save money by going to a cabin of their own instead or in addition to taking vacations. This way you always have something familiar to go to on vacation if you don't feel like planning anything. This cottage shows us that you don't need anything outrageous in order to enjoy a relaxing vacation, in fact, sometimes the simpler the cabin is, the better. Would you enjoy owning a little cabin like this one?

More about this story can be found at: Broadhurst Architects

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