The Temple of the Blue Moon Tree House

The Temple of the Blue Moon is a unique tiny house design vacation home where you can enjoy a fun getaway or quiet stay amongst the trees. This treehouse is a tiny house design like no other, located right in the heart of the rainforest in a location that you will fall in love with. Imagine waking up in the trees, with views of the forest all around. The Temple of the Blue Moon is just one of the tree house tiny house designs you can stay in. The design has one floor of living space, with a cozy seating area and comfy bedroom space to enjoy. There is also an outdoor patio where you can sit and look out at the scenic surroundings.

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If you've never stayed in a treehouse before this tiny house design would be a fun adventure for the young at heart. The tiny house interior design for this treehouse fits in perfectly with its surroundings, with lots of wood, and colorful pillows and area rugs for a cozy feel. There are lots of activities to enjoy while you stay in this part of the country from local hikes, yoga, massage and restaurants.

When it comes to tiny house designs and small home designs, there are more to choose than ever before. Staying in a unique tiny cabins designs like this treehouse is a good way to get a feel for what tiny house designs are all about. Even if you are just considering a tiny home design for use as a vacation home or guest cottage, it's good to take a look around and see what sorts of tiny home designs are out there. With a wide variety of tiny house designs to suit most any lifestyle and need you are sure to like more than one tiny home design. Tiny home designs for some are used for full-time living while others simply use a tiny home design as a vacation home, guest houses or backyard offices. The options to tiny house design living are endless.

This is just one of the unique tree houses you will see on the Tree House Point site. The small house design company was created in 2005 by Pete Nelson, who had been building tree houses unique small house plans for 20 years. He says that he built his first tiny tree house with just a hammer and a screwdriver with his father at the age of 5. He's always on the lookout for interesting properties to build on and that's how he found this property and a few others that he is building on. Mixed with his interest in building tree houses and tiny houses, his Tree House Point Bed and Breakfast was born. Pete and his wife take their stewardship of the land and the trees that they use for their tiny homes designs very seriously. They also believe in using their tiny house design plans as places for celebrating and gatherings to bring together family, friends, and music.

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