Live Edge Industrial Farmhouse Table With Breadboard Ends

This live edge industrial style farmhouse table would be the perfect dining table for any space. Of course, it would look perfect in a log home, but it could also look incredible in a contemporary setting too. It's an outdoor table meant to endure the elements over the years and would make for the perfect outdoor dining arrangement. The rustic wood furniture is made of solid Tamarack wood for outdoor longevity and it also looks very appealing too. Tamarack is also known as American Larch or Eastern Larch and its scientific name is Larix larcina. It grows throughout Canada and the northeastern United States and the trees reach heights of up to 50 to 65 feet tall, with a 1 to 2-foot trunk diameter. The heartwood can be yellow to an orangish brown but narrow sapwood is white while flatsawn sections may have a lot of pattern in the rings and there are knots but they are small. It has a high workability which makes it perfect for wood furniture projects like this one. Tamarack wood has been used to make utility poles, snowshoes, rough lumber, crates, and paper. Tamarack comes from the native Abenaki language and means wood used for snowshoes.

This log cabin furniture includes a table and set of benches that were custom designed and built for a local client along with the expertise of Salvaging Creativity for the beautiful hand-forged metal work. Each of the ergonomic benches seats two people so the table could seat up to 12 people making it great for larger gatherings. Not only would this bench seating look great in a log home, it could also look awesome in any other style of home layered with more modern decor. It would also be great seating for a restaurant or a resort dining hall where people will gather to eat.

The craft of chainsaw carving is a form of furniture making that combines both the ancient art of woodcarving with the modern technology of the chainsaw. You will find all sorts of chainsaw art and designs from realistic animal chainsaw carvings, to log furniture with intricate chainsaw details. This rustic cabin furniture is just one of the rustic wood furniture pieces you will find on the Custom Made website. This site has all sorts of custom made and handcrafted home decor and other arts and crafts for sale. Their vision is to have a platform for craftspeople and designers to use to sell their goods. It's an online marketplace that connects people who are looking for specialty products with makers who create one of a kind products. The website was founded in 2009 and it's grown from 350 carpenters to more than 20,000 registered makers. The average project price is $700 but there are also more affordable price points on certain items too. So if you're looking for that one of a kind piece that you can't seem to find anywhere else, Custom Made would be an excellent place to find that perfect item.

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