The Trillium Will Make You Want to Live in a Tree House Full Time

The Trillium Tree House is a tiny house design that is like something out of a fairy tale. The tiny house building is the perfect place to get away and enjoy a romantic vacation, in a tiny house design that you have to see to believe. The Trillium tree house is a charming two storey tiny house building that has lots of windows to help let in the natural light and is built into a forest of large cedar trees. Imagine waking up in the morning sitting high above the ground in one of the unique and beautiful tiny cabin designs that you'll see. The stairs that bring you up to your tiny home design in the trees wrap around the tree with log railings in a tiny home design that is creative and inspiring. The tiny home design of the Trillium treehouse is a tiny house vacation that you won't soon forget.

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The Trillium tiny house building is just one of the tree house designs that you will find available to rent at TreeHouse Point. Now more than ever tiny house building plans are being used as unique vacation homes in locations all over the world. What better way to spend some time away, than in a tiny house building in the trees. Some of the best tiny house building ideas come from tiny vacation homes, and the best part is that you can enjoy these unique homes in a variety of locations around the world. To be able to stay in a unique tiny house building like this tree house is a vacation that is unique from any other, in a tiny house building that will get you wanting one of your own. Other tiny houses vacations you might see are caravan holidays, beach cottages, log cabins, yurts, tiny houses on wheels and so much more. Small house living and tiny house buildings are more popular than ever before with all sorts of tiny house designs, floor plans, styles, and sizes to suit just about every lifestyle and need. The name that is used for this popular growing trend is the Small House Movement which as the name implies is living in tiny houses or small houses and the move towards living more simply.

These treehouses began in 2005 by Pete Nelson, who has been building tree house plans for 20 years. He says that he began building little tree houses, when he was just five years old, building his first tree house with only a hammer and a screwdriver (with the help of his dad. Nelson and his small designer buildings have progressed through the years, as he learned from each tiny house building and each tree. Nelson lives in Washington State, and always in search of building locations, he came across four parcels of land, is just under four acres, that were available in Fall City. The building site was very close to his home, along with a neighboring property with a lodge/home design that was also for sale. It was about this time that the idea for the Tree House Bed and Breakfast was born.

Nelson and his wife take their stewardship of the land and the trees that they use for their tiny homes designs very seriously. They also believe that in using their tiny house building plans as places for celebrating and gatherings to help bring together family, friends, and music. This is just one of the unique tiny house buildings you will see on the Tree House Point site. The Trillium tree house is one of the best tiny house plans that you will see.

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