This Tiny House Is Perfect For Stargazing With It's Removable Roof!

This tiny house on wheels takes stargazing to a whole new level. Instead of a skylight, they created a sunroof which is able to retract to reveal the wide open sky. Not only does this increase the total height of the tiny house it can also act as an open-air patio and will provide great airflow in the home. These large openings also expand and enlarge the interior space and will also bring in more light making the space feel larger once again. This tiny house on wheels from Optinid is called the Cécile, and it's one beautiful design with tons of storage and a lot of space. The home can sleep up to 3 people making it great for a small family or a couple. From the exterior, the home looks nice and modern with beautiful wood siding and some metal accents. They also went with wooden framed windows and a wood door with a glass insert to up the quality of the home and make it look a lot more luxurious. The home enters into the living room which has a custom sofa built with storage in it. Plus a handmade table that folds out when in use and folds away when it's not in use. There is also an office space with a desk that extends over the last couple of steps up to the loft space creating a nice little nook for work or eating.

In the kitchen area, there is a sink, a gas stove, and room for a small fridge. There's even another little table that pulls out from the kitchen cabinets to create more counter space. The storage staircase provides even more storage for the kitchen and other items which is essential in a tiny house on wheels where space is limited. The bathroom is at the back of the home with a large 80 cm by 80 cm shower with glass doors and a dry toilet. They also included a glass door for the bathroom, so it doesn't feel too closed in when people are inside of it. They were very careful to leave the wheel casings out of the interior design which provides so much more space on the interior of the home. The overall measurements of the home are 19 feet long, by 8.3 feet wide and 13 feet tall which gives it a total of 219 square feet and it weighs a total of 3,200 Kg. For the heating and hot water they used a gas boiler and two water radiators, they also installed solar panels on the ground which provide the tiny house with all the power it needs. Plus they also have a rainwater collection system making it easy to collect and use water efficiently. They kept the build sustainable by using all natural and recycled insulation.

The company calls it "La tête dans les étoile" home which means “head in the stars,” because of the way the roof pulls back to reveal the sky. A great home for people who love nature and want to feel connected with the outdoors even when they're inside their home. This home goes for about $62,500, and they offer a range of other tiny house models to suit everyone's needs. They build these homes for people who want to use them as cottages and vacation homes on the road or people who live in them full time. There's also the option of parking it and renting it out as a vacation rental since many people are really interested in testing out tiny home living. Would you live in a tiny house with a sunroof?

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