Magenta Is The Tiny House You Definitely Can't Miss

Here's a tiny house no one will miss. The Magenta tiny house from Pin Up Houses is a great example of a tiny house that makes a big impact. The bright pink tiny home on wheels was designed by Joshua Woodsman of Pin-Up Houses. It's only a mere 66 square feet and is built on a trailer so it can easily be moved whenever the mood strikes. A super tiny house like this one would be very easy to tow around unlike some of the larger models that are out there. That makes this tiny house on wheels a great travel home or a guesthouse on owned property. The home is made from wood and insulated with polystyrene on all sides. This makes sure that the inside of the tiny house stays at a reasonable temperature throughout the year. Even though it's the size of some people's walk-in closets, this home has everything that a regular home needs including a toilet, a kitchenette and a sofa that converts into a bed. The kitchen has a sink, a gas cooker, a water tank and lots of storage. The cabinets look really cool too with almost a vintage mod style that would fit right into the Pin Up theme. There's even enough room to store dishes and glassware. The tiny bathroom includes a chemical toilet that's inside its own area. There is also a place to eat inside the tiny house with a table and chair set painted yellow to match the bright tiny house decor scheme.

Across from the dining area is the sleeper sofa that pulls out to be a bed at night and is where people would sleep. There are no lofts in the tiny house so the main floor must hold all of the different spaces in one open space. They created some built-in furniture including the sofa bed, and they also added some nets for storage. The one window in the tiny house allows enough light into the space and keeps air circulating, and there is also a wood burning stove in the corner of the living area to keep it nice and toasty. The high ceilings help to maximize the space within the home too, so it doesn't feel too small. More windows could also be added into future designs to make it feel even larger, and a skylight would also be a nice feature too. But keeping the windows minimal helps to keep the overall building costs low which is great for those creating tiny houses on a budget. The Magenta travels well thanks to the lightweight spruce and waterproof plywood used in the project.

For lighting, the tiny house only has five lights including one on the outside, a couple in the main living room, one beside the kitchen and one in the bathroom area. There are also only three electrical outlets to make the space efficient and cost-effective. The nice thing about this tiny house design is that people can purchase it for only $79 and that gives them the construction plans, as well as a material and tool list to get them going on their own tiny house building project. It's great that there is a company interested in bringing accessible and practical tiny house designs to people who want to build their own tiny houses. While this size of a tiny house may be too small for most people to live in full-time, there might be some people who are okay with living in that small of a space full-time. Or, it can always be used as part-time housing or a rental suite.

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