Two Bedrooms in Only 140 Square Feet? This Tiny House Shows it's Possible

Baluchon is a tiny house builder based out of Brittany, France who builds inspiring tiny houses. Including this one that is a small 140 square feet. The tiny house is called the Tiny House Valhalla, and it was designed for a family of three. Even though it might seem small for three people, they managed to pack in all of the conveniences of a conventional dwelling. To provide enough sleeping space, they added in two lofts on either end of the tiny house to provide more space. One of the lofts is an elevated living room, and the other loft is the parents’ bedroom. Underneath the living room is the child's bedroom which is perfect for easy access without stairs. The bedrooms are accessed by a set of floating stairs, and one of the risers even doubles as a 6-foot long table that can be either a dining area or a workspace. Then, there is a kitchen that includes a fridge, a two-burner stove, and a sink perfect for any meal of the day. The home is bright and airy with lots of colour brought in to cheer things up in the design. The many windows also help to keep things bright and airy in the tiny house by opening up space to the outdoors and bringing in natural light. This is always a good trick when you're designing any small space to add lots of large windows and even many small windows.

In this design, they used a shed roof which makes the ceiling higher and also makes it feel like there is more space within the home. Leaving the wood light in the house also helps to open up the space and reflect light making it feel larger. In the living room, they were even able to fit a small sofa that looks like it could pull out into a bed. There is also a little coffee table that fits up there perfectly and shelves for storage and plants to go. There could even be a TV placed somewhere in the living room if they wanted one, or even a projector with a pull-down projection screen on one wall. The staircase leading up to the bedroom is a floating one which creates the illusion of more space, but the other staircase leading to the living room is hollowed out leaving room for some storage. It's always great to add storage spaces in wherever you can in your tiny house so that everything has a place to go when it's not in use.

The bathroom in this tiny house features a handmade composting toilet which usually consists of a wooden box with a toilet seat on top. Then a bucket underneath with sawdust in it and a fan blowing out the air so the odours don't remain in the home. There is also a small shelf with towels on it but no sink, so hand washing would happen in the kitchen. There is a shower in the bathroom though which is always a necessity. On the exterior, the lighter colours are used just as they are on the interior, but this time a pop of bright blue is added to the trim to make it more unique and interesting. The three round windows in the centre really put it apart from other tiny houses as well, and they look really cool. They also painted the door the same bright blue as the trim, and there is glass in the door to allow light through. If you're interested in tiny house living and live in France, Baluchon Tiny House company can build a tiny house for you.

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