The Site Shack is A Tiny Prefab Cabin That Sets up In Minutes

The Site Shack is a 96 square foot prefab cabin building with a wood burning stove, a desk and storage that just gets dropped into place. The prefab design was built by Vancouver, BC Powers Construction, and was originally used at job sites. The prefab cabin building at just under 100 square feet, is 8 feet by 12 and includes just the essentials with a wood-burning stove, a desk, and storage. The Site Shack was the perfect addition to work sites where a typical week is 40 hours, and the construction company’s project manager needing a home away from home, and a place to protect them from the outside elements in Vancouver, British Columbia. To solve this construction site dilemma, the custom home builder Powers Construction started designing and fabricating the prefab mobile workspaces that they could easily transport and drop onto their job sites for long periods. The prefab design had everything needed to be comfortable while at the work site, and the bonus is that it looks good too.

Powers Construction originally developed the compact prefab and contemporary Site Shack for use as a mobile workspace for their residential job sites. The Vancouver based construction company who build contemporary homes ranging from smaller economical residences to 12,000 square foot homes considered the prefab to be a fun design project. The Site Shack also provides a place to hang out with clients when they come to the site, space where they can review and talk about the building schedule of the project. Powers Construction also uses the Site Shack prefab as a space to meet with homeowners and to discuss the project. The prefab design has the essentials to include a desk, storage, and sufficient wiring; it is equipped for work.

The prefab mobile office evolved into what has now been dubbed the Site Shack. The simple prefab design is very comfortable, a great workspace and a fun design. Inside the Site Shack, there is a Cubic Mini wood stove that warms the cozy 96 square foot space. The Site Shack is just one of the prefab designs that you might consider when it comes time to needing a bit of extra space. There are several benefits of prefab designs with the biggest advantage being that they save you time. What better way to get the extra space that you need, then to get a prefab building that has all of the work done for you.

Typically prefab design is built indoors, which means you don't have to deal with the sort of lengthy weather delays that can often happen on regular builds. Knowing that your prefab design is built indoors usually means that you will get the building on time which can be a major factor in which type of build you decide upon. Another benefit of prefab designs is that there is less waste, as building materials are precut to precision, so there is not the type of on-site waste that usually occurs. And a prefab design comes with zero inspection hassle, another major bonus when time is crucial.

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