Ponderosa Barn Home Kit With Lean-tos and Wooden Cupolas

Barns uses as barn style houses are becoming more and more popular. Barn style houses have the advantage of offering a rustic somewhat antique feel to the home, while also providing spacious living accommodations. You can modernize your barn style house interior with sleek, clean lines that are reminiscent of city living, or create a cozy, country feel with warm colors and country decor. A barn-style house can be a combination of rustic and contemporary. You can have the best of both worlds with a barn style house. If you use your barn style house as a weekend getaway, you can leave the fast-paced urban life and retreat to a place that slows you down for a bit and rejuvenates and renews you for a whole new week ahead.

This 24 foot by 40-foot Ponderosa Country Barn Home is customized with 12 foot and 15-foot lean-tos and wooden cupolas. All of the Sand Creek Post and Beam barn style home kits feature the strength and the beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. The custom designed barn home kits have been used for everything from full-time homes, wood cabins, lake houses, loft apartments, secondary homes, and as combination use barn and home. These barn style houses are rustic yet sophisticated, pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last generations. This barn style house is located in North Carolina.

All of the Sand Creek Post and Beam barn home kits are typically designed for use with a concrete foundation. A slab concrete foundation for your barn home kit with poured footings is the most popular choice of barn foundation. There is a bit of flexibility with post and beam barn buildings, so a pier block, concrete slab, or concrete foundation may all be used with these barn style house kits. As an option, you might also choose to have a full or a partial basement with these barn style houses.

Everything is included in the barn style house Sand and Creek Post and Beam kit except for the foundation, the roofing shingles and the siding nails. Sand Creek Post & Beam uses only full dimension six inches by six-inch rough cut timber, both for the authentic, rustic look and also for the additional strength that it provides. The result of this is a beautifully rich and rustic look both inside and outside of these barn style houses. While other species of wood can be ordered for your barn kit, Norway pine and Ponderosa pine are the preferred woods of choice. Norway pine is wood with a straight grain and even texture, with strength properties that are perfect for posts, beams and trusses. Ponderosa pine is the wood known for its lovely toned honey hue and is used when the appearance is of primary importance. Both types of wood are easy to work with and have been specially milled to fit the specifications of your barn kit. A barn kit is one of the easiest ways to get the barn style house of your dreams, with most of the work already done for you, you can save on time.

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