This Large Log House Rental has Stunning Interiors

This log house is just one of the log house vacation rentals you might choose from HomeAway. One of the best things about this log cabin rental is its covered outside porch; it's the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. There is a large stone fireplace in the great room, a place for the whole family to hang out after a day of activity. The log house has a king-sized master bedroom, a bunkroom with four bunks, and three other queen sized bedrooms making this a great vacation idea for a good sized group. You might consider a log cabin rental for a family getaway or a vacation with friends. There's an outside hot tub, and a rec room with a fireplace, so there are lots of places to hang out. There is a gourmet kitchen with everything you need to prepare meals for everyone, with plenty of counter space and a double door fridge to store all the food.

There are several benefits of living and staying in a log cabin. One of the biggest benefits of log cabin living is the consideration of the surrounding nature. Log cabin buildings are often built with the surrounding nature in mind, set with scenic views and consideration for the preservation of the local habitat and environment. Trees that are removed from a log hosue building site are often used to construct other parts of the log house or the furniture for the cabin building. The construction of a log cabin building has a lower environmental impact this way and takes the surrounding nature into consideration. There are also many personal and environmental benefits of staying in a log cabin building, whether itโ€™s for a vacation getaway or long term living. When you want to get closer to nature, choose to stay in a log cabin building.

The building materials that are needed to build cabin buildings are environmentally and ecologically friendly. A log cabin requires less energy to build; then it does to build a standard home. A log cabin building requires less energy production to harvest the wood than what is needed to manufacture other materials that are needed for building. With the construction of a cabin building, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced, being as about ten percent of all CO2 global emissions are brought about due to the production of concrete. The statistics state that with each production of a ton of concrete, there is also a ton of CO2 produced. Many companies dedicated to constructing log cabins make it their goal to invest in reforestation as well as consistently be on the lookout for ways in which green building practices can be improved. When you reside in a log cabin, your carbon footprint is minimized.

A log cabin vacation is also a good way to see a different part of the country. You'll find wood cabin vacations all over with some close to the mountains, with others in the country beside a lake, or log house rentals close to the ocean. You'll also find plenty of log cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where you can enjoy all of the activities that the Gatlinburg area has to offer.

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