Featured Log Builder: Discovery Dream Homes

Discovery Dream Homes is a log builder based in Keene, Ontario. The company has many beautiful log house designs available on their website. They have larger, smaller and midsized log house designs, so depending on what they need, customers can find something that suits them perfectly. If you find something you like but need to tweak the floor plan just a bit, you can also change aspects of the floor plan, and the staff will be happy to help you make the changes needed to make the home suit your needs. The log builders have been in operation for over 25 years making them experts in building quality log houses. They work with 3D design software to create their customized log house designs and show their clients the progress every step of the way. They also use state of the art machinery and computer automated CNC machine to create all of the pieces for the homes they build to create perfect shape and size of log for each project. These manufactured logs are made into square shapes which gives the homes a rustic, yet very modern look. Discovery Dream Homes also builds timber frame houses and uses only the best timbers for their projects. They believe in sustainability which is a big part of their process and their business. They only use FSC certified wood in their buildings and their operations focus on reducing waste, energy and consumption.

Some of their log houses reach up to 3,000 square feet or more, for those looking for something larger but if you're on a budget, consider going a little bit smaller than what you think you may need which will save you money on the build as well as in the long term. You'll save money on property taxes as well as on heating, cooling and electricity when you have a smaller home, plus you'll have a smaller environmental footprint overall. Smaller homes also require fewer materials to build them too which is a good thing for the environment and the overall cost of the home. You can also choose to add onto your log home in the future which may be something that the log builders could help you with when the time comes. The log builder mainly builds homes around North America, but they have also built commercial buildings overseas as well. They also create pool cabanas, cottages, as well as year-round homes and their log house, designs feature traditional, rustic and even contemporary style. They really love working with different clients to bring them the home of their dreams.

Discovery Dream Homes measures their success not just with the number of homes they've built, but with the relationships they've made with their thousands of satisfied homeowners and their proud team members. So you know they are in the business of building log homes because they have a passion for it which is always a good sign. You can enjoy having a look through the photos of the Discovery Dream Homes designs including their Copper House which is a whopping 2,781 square feet or the Woodlands at an impressive 3,039 square feet. Maybe you'll get some inspiration for your own log home building project that you can apply to your own Discovery Dream home or cabin at the lake or in the woods. Then the company can help you draw up the perfect plans for your home, and they can get to work on building you the log home of your dreams that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime. Which one of their log home designs do you like the most?

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