Featured Log Builder: John Devries Log and Timber Homes

John Devries Log & Timber Homes, a Canadian log builder from Ontario, has been crafting log and timber buildings since 1976, with a strong emphasis on traditional fine craftsmanship and personal integrity. These log builders created a company with deep family roots, and they have gained an excellent reputation for quality log building and attention to detail. Martin Slager is the owner and master craftsperson at John Devries Log & Timber Homes, and he has over 35 years of experience to draw upon. The log builders at the company are with their customers from the beginning of the process at the design stage to the end of the building. They ensure ultimate satisfaction for each of their customers so that their log homes last them a lifetime. This company is also a member of the International Log Builder's Association and the Timber Framers Guild, which keep log builders learning the best practices and have an emphasis on quality control. Most of the log builders have been with John Devries Log & Timber Homes for years, some of them have been with the company for up to 15 years or more. So the entire crew of log builders is highly qualified in log building and timber framing ensuring a quality build every time. They are also competent in SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) general carpentry, roofing systems, interior and exterior finishes, carpentry and trim work, wood treatments, stair layout, and reading shop drawings.

Having all of this knowledge and expertise gives customers a sense of security knowing that they've made the best possible choice when it comes to choosing a log builder. Each of the homes is built using a Full-length Scandinavian scribe using naturally round logs are that surfaced by hand using a drawknife. The logs are hand fitted along the entire length so they can fit securely on the log beneath. The joinery between logs is a foam gasket, and they are joined at the ends using a sculpted saddle notch, round notch, or double-scribed round notch to create strong, durable and well-sealed corners. For the Dovetail style, the logs are hand-hewn or rough-sawn on both two sides using a traditional dovetailed connection that fans out like a doves tail. The joints are sealed using backer foam and chinking which is similar to stone mortar but has some flexibility which allows for the natural shifting and shrinking of the logs. Piece-on-Piece is another building style these log builders practice, and it's also Canada's oldest log building style. This log building style mixes timber framing with exterior log walls starting with a heavy post and beam frame. Then logs are installed between the posts and are either round or hewn on two sides. The lateral joints between the logs can be scribed and coped in the Scandinavian style, or they can also be sealed with chinking.

The log builders are also well practiced in timber framing, so if customers want a different style of home, they can always work with timber framing. The timber frames are hand made from fresh pine or Douglas fir timbers, or they can also come from reclaimed material. The log builders then use traditional mortise and tenon joinery which is done with extreme attention to detail. Some of the hardware connections are also hidden so as not to compromise the look and appeal of the timbers. The log builders hand hewn the timbers or logs which gives the home a beautiful natural look. They do this using traditional log building tools including draw knives and axes. All of the homes from John Devries Log and Timber Homes are created and assembled right in their factory and then shipped and reassembled pretty much anywhere.

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