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Building a log home is more than just choosing a plan and having the home built. It's an experience, which is why it's important to choose the best log builder for your project. It's great to look around in your area for log builders and to call a few until you find the one that suits you and your plans the best. If you are looking for a Canadian log builder, Colonial Concepts Log & Timberframe is a 100% Canadian family owned log building company, and they are one of the leading log and timber builders in Canada. With over 30 years of experience in the log and timber frame industry, Colonial Concepts has created a very precise and innovative system for building some of the most beautiful log homes. Ken Moore

is the CEO and Owner of Colonial Concepts with 20 years at the company, and Ute Moore is the Director and Owner who also has 20 years with the company. Shawn Moore is the Director of Operations with 20 years with the company. Adam Rogers acts as Production Manager, Michael Moore does all of the great Marketing & Photography to showcase these beautiful homes. Colonial Concepts Log and Timber is also serious about protecting the environment, which also makes them very forward thinking. They get the materials to build the log homes from places that practise reforesting and are FSC certified. Reforesting maintains forest land in a sustainable way to ensure the safety of the land and our Earth by planting trees after trees are harvested. This helps to keep materials refreshing so that there is a continuous cycle and no materials are being depleted.

The log builders also use Fiberglass Shingles for their homes. There is less petroleum in these shingles, and this type of shingle also protects the roof from mold and rot. All of the sawdust and wood chips from the production of the log homes is also donated to locals for firewood or to farmers to use for various purposes, so nothing goes to waste when they are using these trees for materials. With wood being a natural insulator, there is also no need for the artificial insulation that is used in conventional building projects which can be full of chemicals. The cells in the wood are a fabulous form of insulation themselves that reduce energy use and keep the temperature regulated efficiently. Keeping with the environmentally friendly theme, logs also don't give off any emissions, unlike vinyl and aluminum siding. Even when a log home has reached its end, often, the logs are able to be reused and recycled for use in other projects. Colonial Concepts is also a supporter of the Nature Conservancy of Canada to keep Canadian forests thriving.

The log builders produce a log home package which includes the company's Triple “S” Technology™ system which creates the most energy efficient, air-tight log home package you'll find. They also include the 30-year decorative fibreglass shingles, exterior doors, insulated garage doors, subfloor with sheathing and many other upgrades. The log builders offer a 8 inch by 12-inch log wall system, or they have a Cabin Series for those who just want their log cabin seasonally. The log builders also offer a timber-frame package, and all of the benefits of the log home package are included in this package as well. The team at Colonial Concepts also offers design assistance to help you create the log home design of your dreams. All of these services are included in the cost of the home. They also offer financial assistance with construction loans and mortgage financing. Even if you're not in Canada, they can still get a log home to you so you can experience the best log home anywhere in the world.

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