The Liberty From Tiny Treasure Homes Is a Cute 24ft x 8.5ft Tiny House On Wheels

The cute and cozy Liberty tiny house on wheels from Tiny Treasure Homes has so many great features. With the increasing interest in tiny house living, people are looking for great tiny house designs like this and even getting into building tiny houses of their own. If you're considering building a tiny house whether you go with a building company or you build your own tiny house having a tiny house could allow you the freedom to spend more time focusing on your passions, as well as more time with your family. People build their tiny houses for different reasons, but many build them to get out of debt and to save for future endeavours. If you're interested in building a tiny house of your own, the first thing you have to decide on is the tiny house design. This will create a level of comfort in your home allowing you to live happily in it. The Liberty tiny house model you see here is a 24 foot by 8.5-foot tiny house built onto a trailer. It also has the standard ceiling height of 13.6 feet making the inside feel a bit larger. Some of the features include the high-efficiency Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet, propane, a washer/dryer combo unit, a Bocsh on-demand water heater, a fridge with a freezer, and so much more.

This tiny house design definitely has a lot of charm and personality with a very warm and comfortable feel to it too. The outside of the home is all done in wood siding with beautiful red trim and a red metal roof too. The Liberty tiny house on wheels resembles a nice little cottage in the woods, a place of serenity and peace. The owners could even create a little outdoor seating area on the grass in front of their tiny house instead of a deck. Or they could add a wooden deck that creates a nice place to enter the home from and adds more livable space to the tiny home as well. Up a couple of steps and through the glass door, you're in the home and greeted by the living room area. The living room is very inviting and could be the perfect place for a fireplace and a sofa. Many tiny houses also opt for a built-in bench sofa with storage, but it's important to be comfortable which is why many people implement a more traditional sofa instead. Although, some built-in seating options also provide some valuable storage which is always essential to have in a tiny house.

The kitchen is a great space too and even has a built-in cooktop on the countertop. The fridge is hidden in the staircase which can be used for storage. Plus, the staircase makes for easy access to the loft in the home as well. The home also features a washer and dryer combination unit which makes life a lot easier, instead of having to go to the laundromat. As well as an on-demand hot water heater and an electric composting toilet. Most people go with the composting toilets and on-demand hot water heaters in their tiny houses because they're great for going off the grid. You'll also notice that they have a ceiling fan which will help keep the air circulating in the home, so it doesn't get too stuffy in there. Plus, all of the great windows allow for some good air flow in the home as well. Enjoy having a look at this tiny house design, and maybe you'll get some inspiration for your own designs if you choose to build a tiny house of your own.

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