Park Model Homes Offer a Bit More Square Feet Than Tiny Houses on Wheels and Built to Be Moved Much Less Often

For those wanting to downsize, a tiny house on wheels might seem like too drastic of a change in home size. That's where other options like park models can come in. Park model homes are still compact and can fit on smaller lots and offer more efficient and affordable spaces, but they are not as small as a tiny house and offer more space within. Typically, tiny houses on wheels are no more than 400 square feet, which can be enough room for some people to live comfortably full-time, but other people will tend to want more space. Park models like this one offer more than 400 square feet of space and they're legal to park where park models are permitted which is usually in RV grounds or on park model lots. The only other thing about the park models that makes it different than the tiny house on wheels is that it's meant to be placed in the same spot for a longer duration of time. Tiny houses can be towed around easily to one place or another because they are made to be lightweight and portable. So for someone seeking more mobility, a tiny house on wheels is probably the better option. Park model homes like the one you see here have come a long way since the plastic and synthetic material park models you've seen in the past. These ones are made out of all high-quality materials which means they last longer and feel better to live in or use as a vacation home.

The beautiful park model home you see here is available for sale for only $61,000 US and can be delivered to your property and set up wherever you like. It would be a great addition to any property offering more space for guests to sleep and for people to use as a rental property as well. Listing a second home like this on Airbnb has proven to be a great second income for many people who choose to do that. So it's a great idea if you have your own property and want to add onto it. Otherwise, it can also work as a great temporary residence for people who are just developing their property building a regular home on it. The park model here has many amenities including stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, with a fridge that has a water and ice dispenser on one door. The home also includes a stackable washer and dryer installed in the laundry space too so you'd have laundry right on board. The loft is also a good space for extra storage space or to put some mattresses for guests to sleep on. There are also plenty of windows in the home making it feel open and spacious.

In the living room there's a great bay window that lets in light and views of the surrounding area, plus, there's also a sliding glass door for the entrance. There's one bedroom and one bathroom, both on the main level which means no climbing stairs to get to the bedroom. There's also a flush toilet in the bathroom which means you don't have to get the hang of using a composting toilet either. The park model is a total of 399 square feet, so in some regions, it could be used as a full-time home. The park model is currently being sold by Richard in Mansfield, Texas but it can be moved by driving or hitching onto a trailer and moved to your property anywhere you like. There may also be the option of delivery for an extra cost as well. Plus, there is also financing available.

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