The Osprey Cottage is a Wonderful and Stylish Eco-Friendly Option

Here is a lovely cottage called Osprey, by Eco Cottages from Tiny House Swoon. This home is a 513 square foot cottage that was designed by Eco Cottages a part of Nationwide Homes a company out of Martinsville, Virginia. Nationwide Homes has been running since 1959 and has many amazing eco-friendly cottages and tiny homes available for sale. They have been building modular residential buildings and commercial buildings for already more than half a century and they have worked on many wonderful projects over the years making them a leading builder in the industry, with a high reputation for making high-quality buildings.

The Osprey that you see here, is one of their eco options. All of their plans are in accordance to local building codes, and they pre-manufacture everything right in their warehouse. These homes are implemented with the highest and latest technology in green building. They also build additions on pre-existing houses, and they can also make custom homes as well as detached offices, studios, workshops and more. The Osprey is an impressive 513 square foot home with one bedroom and one bathroom, spread out over one floor. This would make a great home for retirees who can't do stairs any more as well. As you will notice, the cottage is very long, at 52 feet, but is only 13 feet wide. The bedroom is one end, and the living room on the other, with the kitchen and bathroom right in the middle of the house.

The exterior looks really sleek and contemporary, with the rectangular shape and the sloped roof instead of the peaked roof. This particular one looks like it may even be built on a concrete basement which would add some more space to the overall square footage of the home. The living room is nice and spacious, lots of great windows in the space overall. The kitchen is a galley style kitchen that is located seemingly in the hallway of the home, but this is to save on space and make the whole house really efficient and utilize every square inch of the smaller home. Outfitted with nice, stainless steel appliances, and white cabinets, the kitchen is very up to date and also very functional, with lots of storage space and enough room to move around.

The bathroom is very open and spacious, with a really nice vanity with a bowl sink that sits on top of the wooden vanity. The shower is also very large and would even have enough room to fit a bathtub. They don't show the bedroom, but it seems to have just a little bit less space than the living room, which would make it a nice size. They even show a photo of the home still in the warehouse, with the building wrap on it. Showing how you can design a nice outdoor living room space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It's great to see a cottage that is so-friendly and built with the environment in mind creating the perfect place for a vacation.

More about this story can be found at: Nationwide Modular Homes

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