Build a Cord Drill and Pump Drill using just Wood and Stone, it's Primitive Technology

Are you interested in learning some off-grid techniques? Learn how to build a cord drill and pump drill using just wood and stone. In our current era, many people have forgotten how to do these simple things that were once a part of everyday life in the past. But what if there were a natural disaster or something happened that forced you to go off grid? Or if you are planning to go off-grid eventually, you will want to stock up on somethe off-grid wisdom that will assist you in doing things in a primitive way, using the easiest, most available options. Most of the things we take for granted, sometimes daily, started out as very primitive techniques like this chord drill and pump drill and evolved as time went on making it easier and easier for humans to start fires, drill holes and essentially be prepared for anything that comes their way. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV

When you are choosing to live an off-grid lifestyle, this means that you might choose to take yourself out of all grids, not just the electric grid. Which means that you might want to do things as simple as possible, using no store-bought items. So a skill like fire starting would be quite crucial to you in your day to day life to cook your food, and to keep warm.

Starting a fire this primitive way is caused by friction. Friction, as we know, is two surfaces rubbing together in a way where the two objects resist force between each other. Because no surface is completely flat, when two things are rubbing against each other, they catch on each other's irregularities which causes the surfaces to attract molecules that create chemical bonds with each other. The work that we do rubbing the sticks together creates the energy that is needed to create thermal energy, which is heat, and then it sparks. The sparks are then able to catch onto dry fibrous tinder like dry leaves, or grass, which starts the fire and then the smaller pieces of wood can be added which will catch fire, and then the larger pieces of wood will be added to sustain the fire for as long as it takes to burn them up.

It turns out there is a way to create fire without having to use so much of your energy. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION When you use your hands, you will end up getting horrible and painful calluses over time. When you build and use the chord drill and the pump drill, there is quite a minimal effort in using these two primitive technologies. Both require you to get crafty and have some fun by making these tools out of materials you can find in your natural environment, and they both are able to start fires successfully.

All you need is a flat stone and another stone that you'll use to grind a hole with. Just place a pointed part of the smaller stone against the flat surface of the flat stone and twist it back and forth to grind the stone down. You can also tap the stone against the flat stone to break down the stone. Keep doing this until you have a nice hole going through the centre of the flat stone. Next, you'll need a strong stick like bamboo or spindle stick, and you'll fit the stick into the hole in the stone. Then, you can make the cord by using some fibrous bark and making it into strips then creating a twisted cord out of it. The cord is then tied to the top of the spindle stick and then twisted around that to make it easier to turn by pulling the strings. To create the base, another stick is placed on the ground, and then the bottom of the top stick with the cord and the stone will be placed on top of the base stick. When the cords are pulled quickly outwards, it causes the drill to spin quickly causing friction on the bottom stick which will create sparks and a fire to light. Try it out and see if it works for you.

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