Inspiring Timber Stilt Eco-Home Built Around Ancient Oak Trees

There is really no limit to the imagination's creativity. When it comes to home design and home building, there can be certain factors that can impede upon the visualized concept for a home design, but ultimately, there are ways around certain rules that have been put into place, by implementing design features to appease certain regulations. That was definitely the case with the Sprawling Timber home; that was to be built on this plot of land. The city officials opposed the concept at first because of the ancient trees located on the property, and it is one of the rules in place that no one is to cut down these trees for building purposes. So, the designers and builders, being as flexible as they are found a way around the trees, and literally built the house around the trees, implementing them into their floor plan.

The result is fabulous and not only is igneous and super creative, but it is a great example of living in harmony with nature and Mother Earth while still being able to build a marvellous timber eco-house. The trees are over 500 years old, so it would be a terrible shame to have to cut them down after all. The Sprawling timber and log home features four bedrooms, four bathrooms with a kitchen and dining room, and a living room. The only thing different from a regular floor plan is that this log home has separate units for each of the rooms, and they are connected by catwalks for access to the different rooms within the house. This is what makes the sprawling log home look like it is many units in a caravan park because they are quite compartmentalized. But once you see how they are connected, it all makes more sense as to how the rooms are able to flow efficiently together.

The log house is an eco home built in Beaminster, Dorset, with a very modern and unique style and design that infuses the natural curves found within nature, and the modern appeal of glass, metal and minimalism. The ends of each of the units making up the home are rounded, giving the log home a very futuristic aesthetic. The glass windows installed in the unit are also curved to match the lines of the home, and create a fish bowl effect allowing great views from the inside to the outside of the home. There is a huge opening in the kitchen and living room area that allows great access to the outside world, and the patio that extends from the home. The gorgeous hardwood flooring suits the log home perfectly, and the white walls with white countertops and cabinets suit the modern look that the designers were going for. In the centre of the rooms or walkways of the house, you will notice tall, thick poles, which are heaters for the home. They added in LED pot lights that use less energy than conventional lighting as well.

Overall this log and timber built home is a sight to behold. Imagine what it would be like to live in such an amazing house. We are beginning to see so many creative eco-home designs all over the world these days. Each one is a little more unique than the next. You have to check out all of the photos of this amazing log and timber-built house. You are sure to be super inspired by this innovative and interesting design. Perhaps you will even get some inspiration for your dream eco-home.

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