This Responsible Online Store Only Sells Items That Last A Lifetime

Have you ever thought about how quickly people go through items in our day and age? It seems just as soon as you buy something a better version comes out or the item quickly degrades and becomes unusable. The Buy Me Once online store is here to help out. This store is a product conscious online shop that only sells items that you can keep using your entire lifetime. The webshop's founder, Tara Button created the store when she was working in advertising, and one of her clients was the ceramic cookware company Le Creuset, who offered a lifetime guarantee with their product. It made Button wonder why there weren't more company like that. So she came up with a place online that people could find more company's who shared the same principles as that of the Le Creuset company.

She searched and searched and couldn't find a site where there were products offered that could stand the test of time. Like many people, she couldn't stop thinking about the environment and the amount of waste that we produce. So she started the site, she worked hard on the online off-grid site after work and at night. She was finally able to quit her day job and dedicate herself to the site full-time. The online site is getting a lot of attention from media and shoppers. The site is only available to shoppers in the United States and the United Kingdom, but she is working on getting the site available in other countries.

The sustainable, off-grid site sells products that are good for the environment and save money for you in the long term because you won't be having to buy the products over and over again. The site sells products like kitchenware, tools, socks, toys, and more. On the site, you can also find tips on living a more sustainable life. If socks can come with a lifetime guarantee, there is no reason that other products can't follow suit. This site is a step in the right direction, more and more people and companies are starting to think about what we can do for the environment. Ikea just announced that they plan to make their products with the same goal in mind so that they can be repaired if broken and not thrown away if something breaks. We have become a disposable society, and because of that, we are creating a lot of waste.

You can probably think of more than a few items in your home that you've had to get rid of or replace because they didn't stand up to wear and tear. Think of how much money you could save by investing in a few great products that will last a lifetime instead of having to buy something new each time your item breaks or stops working. This also saves a lot of junk from going into our landfills which could become a bigger problem than it already is in some highly populated areas. Which products would you like to have last your entire lifetime?

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