The Cypress Overlook - Affordable Small House Living

The Cypress Overlook tiny house is one of the tiny houses on wheels available from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, one of the original tiny house companies of the small house movement. The tiny house company gives people the option of having their tiny house on wheels built for them with some of their most popular tiny house plans including the Cypress, Roanoke, Elm and the Farallon tiny house plans. These tiny house builders also give people the option of ordering a tiny house trailer that is ready to be built on. So people can build their tiny house design on a custom-built, high-quality tiny house trailer. Either tiny house option would be great, but when you get a complete tiny house build from the company, it will also be RVIA Certified which makes the small house on wheels easier to insure and also easier to park in RV Parks.

The Cypress tiny house model comes in three different sizes and tiny house floor plans even though the overall style of the tiny home stays the same. The different options include the Cypress Equator which is a 26-foot option, the Cypress Horizon which is also a 26-foot tiny house option and the Cypress Overlook which is smaller at 20 feet. All of the tiny house models are the same width which is 8.6 feet and the same height of tiny house which is 13.4 feet tall. The Cypress Equator will have 209 square feet on the main floor with 102 square feet in the loft space. The Cypress Horizon also has 209 square feet on the main floor but has 81 square feet in the loft. Then the Cypress Overlook has 159 square feet on the main floor with 73 square feet in the loft. The homes start at $65,959 to be fully finished and ready to move in and decorate yourself.

This price will include all of the kitchen cabinetry and countertops with fixtures such as sinks and the toilet. This price will also include the appliances as well which you can see in the photos of the different tiny house models. Each tiny house on wheels also has great storage features which allow for optimum flexibility and storage in the use of the different areas of the tiny house design. Many of the tiny house designs also have built-in tiny porches which are a nice touch so that you wouldn't have to build on the porch each time you moved it. You'll want to take a look at all three of their Cypress tiny house plans and see which one you like best.

The rhythm of the Cypress tiny house design, from its recessed porch and its hipped roof, offer an aesthetic with overwhelming popularity. Tumbleweed Tiny Houses also offer Tiny House Hotels, perfect for a weekend destination vacation in a Tiny House RV. These tiny house hotels are perfect to get a feel for what small house living is all about. The tiny house hotels are located all across the United States. They are a great way to find out if small house living is right for you.

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