Step Into The Stylish and Smart Roanoke Tiny House Design

The Roanoke from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes is a versatile floor plan that goes all the way up to 30 feet long. The shed roof is also a nice touch in this tiny house design which features 10-foot ceilings inside. The plans start at 20 feet long which would be great for shorter stays or to use as a camping travel trailer. It's also an RVIA Certified Travel Trailer with standard RV hookups, so you'll be able to access water and electric. Just hook it up to a hose or an outdoor electrical outlet, and you're good to go. You could even have some solar panels integrated into the tiny house design to keep power bills to a minimum and also to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. The tiny house also comes with Tumbleweed's On-Site Warranty and delivery is also available if you don't want to tow it yourself. For the smallest model, you'll only need a 3/4 ton truck to tow it, but with anything larger like the 26 foot or 30-foot models you'll need a 1-ton truck since they weigh all the way up to 12,000 pounds. The exterior of the Roanoke tiny house looks very sleek and modern with clean lines and great windows. The door enters into the home's living room area where there can be built-in bench seats made from wood with storage in them.

The living room also features high ceilings with no loft above which makes the entire space feel much larger and more open. The living room also features the heating and cooling unit that they placed up high so that it's not in the way. It's always a really smart idea to use vertical space in a small home since all of your floor space will need to be open for furniture and other items you need down low. So you can arrange pictures higher than you might in a larger home and have a bit more of eclectic design. From the living room, you head into the kitchen where there is a nice little closet that separates the two spaces. This closet would be great for storing coats and shoes, but it could also be a nice clothing closet as well. The kitchen features some great modern cabinetry that's been painted grey for a very distinctive look. They went with lighter butcher block counters as well which is always a nice idea. The fridge is a nice apartment sized fridge that's stainless steel with plenty of storage space inside. Having an apartment sized fridge gives you just a bit more space than you'd have in a mini fridge which is always nice especially if you like to cook at home.

Also installed in the kitchen will be a cooktop on the counter and then a convection oven or a microwave could be installed for oven cooking needs. The sink is also a good size with a nice faucet which would be great for washing up the dishes at the end of the day. Above the kitchen is the loft with some great built-in storage. As you can imagine, you can never have too much storage in a tiny house. The more organized everything is, the better in a small space. In the 30 foot models, there is also the option of having a storage loft opposite to the sleeping loft which would also be a nice idea for storing clothing. The bathroom in this tiny house is wonderful too, with a shower, vanity, toilet and even an all in one washer and dryer. The Roanoke tiny house really has it all and would make for a great full-time home or a part-time vacation home.

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