The Lightweight Tiny House on Wheels That's Super Easy to Tow

Cahute, a company based in Richardais, France, is pleased to present their first mobile micro-home made in their Breton workshops. This tiny house on wheels has all of the benefits of a travel trailer but with the charm and homey feel of a home or cottage. The tiny house on wheels can be used for both a home or a vacation trailer, and it will easily tow behind a heavy duty truck. The nice thing is, this tiny house is very lightweight, and it's certified as a motor home which guarantees reliability, safety, and easy access to insurance. The tiny house is the first of its kind in France, providing the best of both the RV and cottage worlds. On their website, you can check out their prices as well as the opportunity to possibly rent out one of their trailers too. They also have workshops and programs where they host artists in residence. The owner and founder of Cahute is a craftsman carpentry carpenter specializing in eco-construction who found out about the tiny house movement in 2008. He was fascinated with the North American tiny home models and wanted to create something similar in France. So in 2015 Cahute was founded with the mission to provide Europe with a lightweight, affordable and stylish tiny house on wheels.

Not only are the technical requirements of this home great, including the weight, resistance, and flexibility, the home is also very ethical as well as using natural materials and sustainable elements. Cahute was able to design a tiny house that was half as long and three times lighter than most of the tiny houses in France without the use of synthetic materials. These tiny houses also follow the building requirements of travel trailers in Europe as well. Then, collaborating with Saint-Malo in 2016 they were able to create Cahute workshops to teach others how possible it is to build a tiny house of their own or get into one of the company's tiny houses. All of the structural wood involved in the project is cut to size from a poplar wood ball and then the building is built using traditional assemblies with casein on the interior and white glue on the exterior and braces between segments. They use a vegetable glue that is lined with expanded cork as a vapour barrier, and the cladding is safe from rot and mould. They use steel for the roof, and all of the wood inside is treated with oil. The entire tiny house weighs 1300kg and is about 10 meters square inside. The weight is kept lower to help reduce the use of fuel which saves money and the environment. This is also done to ensure that the tiny house can be towed by a simple vehicle and only a regular drivers license is required.

They also have off-grid options available too including composting toilets and solar panels. The Domestic model starts at around 21.200 € excluding tax, and this includes the fully built house with the dry toilet, water, electric connections and the induction stove, oven, and fridge. All the owner would have to do is decorate. Customers can have their input of what colors they'd like and how they want the interior set up as well. They can even do some of the work inside themselves too if they want. Having a smaller, lighter home like this would be better for those who move around a lot or who just want to take it travelling around. It could also be a great backyard cottage to use as an office space or a guest suite too.

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