The Coquille Tiny House is an Architectural Masterpiece

The Coquille, tiny house on wheels is sure to surprise you. This mobile tiny house, from Cahute, has all the advantages of a caravan and the charm of a pretty wood cabin. An ecological cabin building, insulated, autonomous and mobile due to its featherweight and its auto-caravan status. This tiny house on wheels is the first of its kind in France, small in size and with a close tie to the traditions of wildlife camping. The importance is given to its autonomy, and its ease of moving has been at the heart of its conception, making it the ideal solution for accommodation in isolated, natural, or ecologically camping sites.

The Coquille translated as shell, is beautiful inside and out. From the outside, it has a unique shape that true to its name has the curves of a shell. Once you step inside you are sure to be amazed at the high ceilings and spaciousness of the design. Wood is used on both the exterior and interior of this tiny house design, and the light wood is part of the appeal. Inside there is an upstairs loft that can be used for sleeping or for storage depending on your needs. There are slim windows throughout that let in just the right amount of natural light.

This modern tiny house design was built by a craftsman carpenter who specializes in eco-construction. In 2008, amazed by the North American models and the small house movement, the builder was inspired to build one of his own. Inspired by nomadic lifestyles, through friendships and experiences, in 2015 Cahute was born out of a desire to offer a European Tiny House, that was lighter, smaller, and truly mobile. While open-air tourism such as Glamping, popularizes caravans, yurts and teepees, Cahute is considered to be roaming glamping, bringing back movement into nomad habitats in eco-tourism. The owner spent several months researching how to balance technical requirements such as weight, flexibility, resistance, administrative such as certificates and insurance.

The tiny houses on wheels from Cahute are produced by hand and are twice as short, yet three times as light as other tiny homes fabricated in France today. These tiny house designs are built without using synthetic building materials and while respecting the norms that are applicable to recreational vehicles. You can use these tiny houses on wheels in your backyard for some extra space, or take it on the road for an adventure. You can tract the tiny house with your car and a simple B permit, for your mobile holidays or consider joining a natural site or a farm camping. Therefore, the Coquille tiny house on wheels with its simple axle will be accepted at all traditional camping sites. You can place the tiny house design in your back yard to host your family and friends, or even use it to host a bed and breakfast. The Coquille is certified self-caravan, so you can even decide to make it your full-time residence, in movement, or place it on any piece of land, constructible or not.

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