Step Back In Time To The Wild West in the Fredericksburg Barn Home

An old rustic barn turned into a warm, welcoming Texas home, the Fredericksburg barn home has everything a country home needs and more. The barn home is perfect for Texas with that rustic country charm and a lot of character. The barn was constructed in the 1800s making it a piece of history on the land it occupies, and this is exactly the type of project that Heritage Restorations enjoys working on. They use traditional building methods coupled with modern building techniques and brought in some natural materials to keep the historical value of this home alive. The home is definitely different from any other home in the area. Heritage Restorations was created by Kevin Durkin in 1997 and ever since, they've been seeking out old barns like this as well as old cabins, mills and homes from the 1700s and 1800s or early 1900s to restore or move and make into a liveable space. They also take materials from older homes and barns to use in their projects, so no materials go to waste. Usually, these older buildings are found in the Northeast since that's the first area of the United States that was occupied by settlers. Then they take these materials and use them all over the United States, Canada and even overseas in New Zealand, Australia and China. In Texas alone, they've taken on more than 50 projects in one area already.

This particular project was completed for Yehoshua Gutkin who moved to Texas from Germany and always wanted a wild west and country type of lifestyle. So he chose to build a home that was very authentic to Texas. The builders kept the character of the home inside and out maintaining the 200-year-old barn's original appeal. The barn was found in New York, and the company disassembled it and then brought back to his six-acre property just out of Fredericksburg, where he trains horses. They assembled the barn piece by piece keeping the general design the same but added some more touches and modern aspects. In the end, the barn home gave Yehoshua 2,200 square feet of space and a gorgeous country design. The barn home has a large and open living room and kitchen, as well as the master bathroom and a couple of guest bedrooms. There's also a sleeping loft for any extra guests too. But just because the home is very historic doesn't mean it doesn't have all of the aspects that are needed in a modern home. The timber frame barn home was properly insulated to make it more efficient than the traditional barn. The home stays nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer as well.

Mostly everything in the build was reclaimed which saved them a lot of money on the rebuild project. People can expect to pay around $150 to $350 per square foot for a custom home built by Heritage Restorations. The work that goes into these buildings is amazing — all of the sourcing of materials and being able to piece everything together. Even if the barns aren't remodelled right on the land they were built on; the company is still keeping some history alive. The end result of this barn home in Texas is incredible, and it looks like it totally belongs there, like it's been there forever. Stepping inside the barn home also feels like stepping back in time with all of the handmade wooden furniture and the wild west decor. Even the kitchen has kind of an old saloon feel to it. Every inch of this home was well thought out and perfectly suited to the owner.

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