A Devastated Old Shack; After Turned Into A Charming Cottage

It's nice when you come across a cottage as lovely as this Poacher’s Cabin, a secluded hideaway for two. This romantic cabin is a secluded retreat tucked away in the woods. In a location like this, you are surrounded by amazing things to do, such as hiking, biking, and exploring. It is easy to imagine that types of things that might surround this tiny cabin, from a charming tiny town, lakes, rivers or mysterious trails. This tiny cabin looks like something out of an English novel.

For this particular tiny cabin, wood was used in the build from the surrounding forest, along with some recycled wood that gives this tiny cabin even more charm. When you enter the rustic Poacher's tiny cabin, you go in from the front porch, and you are welcomed by a lovely rustic interior. You will notice right away the sculptural staircase that is made from oak slabs that are attached to the twisting tree branches. Once upstairs in the tiny cabin, you are in a cozy attic bedroom that has a skylight and some exposed wooden beams.

Close to the sculptural staircase that leads upstairs is a countertop that is made from a thick piece of ash wood that has been planed to be smooth. There is a cute gas cooking stove, along with a rustic wood cook stove for heating up the cabin. You will also find a propane refrigerator that is concealed inside a glass cabinet. The tea light chandelier above the dining room table is charming to say the least arm.and is handmade from some recycled yogurt jars. Only adding to the charm of the cabin is the fact that there is no electric lighting inside the tiny cabin, it is powered from the solar panels that are found on the porch roof. Plus, it's always nice to use candles and a wood fire to add some ambient light to a cottage as well.

Inside the interior walls of the cabin, use some lime plaster and beadboard panelling to lend to its rustic charm. You will also find some large tree branches that artfully frame the small bathroom doorway towards the back of the tiny cabin, where there are a shower and a composting toilet. You can heat up some water for the shower, over the woodstove with a coil. The nice thing is this adorable tiny cabin is available to be rented, so you can experience this tiny cabin space for yourself. Would you like to stay in a tiny house vacation rental like this? If you are considering building or buying a cottage of your own to use for vacations, staying in a cabin like this would offer you some insight into cottage life. You could stay in many different cabins all over the country and see what style of cottage you like the best. This one is pretty rustic, but there are also more modern style cabins too that have all of the amenities of a regular home if that's something you'd prefer.

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