Modern Meets Country In The Kenton Barn Home Residence

Finding the perfect home for your family can be a challenge, especially if you're looking for something quite specific. That's what happened with Ed and Deborah a couple from Kenton, Ohio who really wanted to restore an old barn and make a home out of it. The couple has always been interested in collecting antiques and admiring items from the past, so that's why they were intent on getting an older barn to fix up so they could display all of their antiques throughout the home. Once they had a chance to really look around at the different barns that were available, they realized that it could be a very challenging and probably a very expensive process. So they switched gears and decided to build a new home that still had a barn style design. They always admired timber frame homes so they decided to go with Riverbend Timber Framing who could also achieve their barn home design dreams. The barn style home makes use of traditional timber frame bents that are connected to create an expansive living space inside the home. It's a traditional building technique that is still used today to create open spaces where the inhabitants can spend time with family and friends. Riverbend Timber Framing also incorporated Deborah's needs since she's in a wheelchair, so they accommodated their home to be 100% accessible. The open floor plan actually works perfectly for Deborah's needs, and she can get around their home in her wheelchair beautifully.

The exterior of the home is a beautiful and fresh white with stone on the bottom and a cupola on the top of the home. It's a huge home with so many different little seating areas and nooks making it a very relaxing place to live for the couple. The home is bright and open with wide halls and exposed timbers which look stunning. The couple has displayed their antiques throughout the home just as they had planned and it really matches the design of the home perfectly. They balanced the antiques with modern accessories and furniture, so you don't feel like you're in an antique store, but the antiques are beautiful treasures that bring a lot of character and style to the home. The home has a staircase leading from one level to another, but they've also installed an elevator so that Deborah can reach every part of her home. They really wanted a multi-level home so having the elevator is essential for them, and Riverbend Timber Framing accommodated that beautifully. They also have a little lounging shed in the yard which would be the perfect place for reading a good book in the sun.

The kitchen is wonderfully designed with lots of counter space, and they are at the perfect height for Deborah as well. There is a built-in range on one of the counters and then an oven built into the cabinetry close by. The living room is nearby to the kitchen with lots of comfortable furniture and a double-sided fireplace that also faces the dining area for some cozy meals with family and friends. The entire home is built using classic timber frame construction techniques which were used on some of the oldest structures in the United States. Riverbend Timber Framing has been using these same techniques to build their barn homes since 1979. They love working with their customers to bring them the exact vision they are dreaming of for a barn home or timber frame home. So if you're looking to have one built get some inspiration from this design and some of their others too.

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