A Beautifully Handcrafted Log Cottage in Colorado

A nice and simple log house floor plan is all you need to enjoy a relaxing vacation or to live in happily full-time. It just shows that sometimes the most basic and traditional log home designs are the ones that always stand the test of time. This handcrafted log cottage located in Colorado may have a simple design, but it boasts an incredible 3,800 square feet of space in total. The design was based on a regular 32 foot by 44-foot design by Mountain Log Homes and Interiors, but it also has some great architectural features that make it stand out from the rest including the various heights in the roofline. The large overhang by the front door is another great feature that also offers protection from the rain or snow which if you've been to Colorado, you'll know they get a lot of snow. So it's nice to have extra features like this worked into the very basic design to make the home make sense in its surroundings. They also added a great deck on the side of the log home, and since it's perched on a hill, the deck overlooks the property below and the surrounding mountainous landscape for incredible views. Just imagine having a BBQ out on a deck like this one and enjoying the nice views with family or friends.

One of the main things you'll notice about the exterior of the home are the beautiful natural logs which are 12 inches to 14 inches in diameter making them nice and large. They are also Engelmann Spruce logs that are locally harvested. To get that nice deep rich tone, they finished the logs in a dark walnut stain. Mountain Log Homes loves using Engelmann Spruce specifically because it's usually nice and straight as well as long. So it's easier to build a house using these logs because they don't have to implement any butt-joints where two short logs meet to create the length of the wall. This creates a seamless look for the log home as well as a tight seal for the insulation value too. Since they used local logs, they also had a local company shape them too, so they went with Shavano Custom Log Works for that process. Shavano Custom Homes only does about 3 homes per year, and they take their time to create some incredible homes. By getting the help of the local craftspeople, they were able to avoid high shipping costs and support a local business which is always favorable. The bottom of the log home also features some natural stonework which adds to the natural appeal of the home as well.

Once inside the log home, it's incredible to see all of the full round logs from the inside too. Plus all of the beautiful exposed posts and beams that act as the structural support for the rest of the home. The living room, kitchen and dining area are all connected in one room under high ceilings with lots of windows. The living room is cozy with a stone fireplace, the stone it's built from matches the stone on the exterior of the home as well which creates continuity in the design. There's also the master suite on the first floor and a sleeping loft above with a basement bunkroom that features three bunk beds. The kitchen has a lot of class, and rustic style combined into one area with beautiful wood cabinets made from knotty alder and the countertops are a brass blue granite. Overall, the home has 3 bedrooms with the bunkroom as well as 4 and a half bathrooms making for the perfect full-time family home.

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