An Old Barn Frame Adds So Much Character in the Hall Barn Home

The Hall Barn Home is an impressive barn restoration of an 1870 sawn and hemlock-timbered English barn completed by Heritage Restorations. When people want a barn home, their first option is to get a brand new home built by a company that specializes in barn home designs. This is a great option for those who want a barn home design without the older elements of a barn. However, many people love the older aspects of the heritage barns and homes in North America, and so they seek out these old structures to restore them. That's what Heritage Restorations specializes in, the restoration of older barns that can be anywhere from 100 to 250 years old many of them older than the American Revolution. They go all over the United States to find the best barns, cabins and homes to restore by either restoring the entire structure or taking pieces of it and using these materials in a new build. They usually find the best barns and older structures in the Northeast since this is the area that was first settled by European settlers and would have the oldest buildings in the country. In all of their restoration projects, like this one, you can learn a bit about the approximate timeframe the original barn was built and where it was originally built. This Hall Barn Home was built in 1870 in Fultonville, New York and this is one of the barns that was disassembled and then rebuilt on another property in Wimberly, Texas.

The finished barn home has a 3 car garage which is always nice for larger families to use as storage space and to park vehicles. They also have a great room which includes the kitchen and a dining space in the same area. There are two bedrooms on the main floor and then a loft bedroom upstairs that opens to the living area below. This particular building is a 26 foot by 48-foot barn with 1,248 square feet in total. From the outside, the barn looks beautiful and actually quite modern with a touch of historical charm. The exterior is done with light colored stone for a very rustic modern look, and then they also incorporated wood posts and beams from the original structure. They used the original frame of the barn and the roof structure of the original barn as well. This barn home features a grand wrap around deck for the ultimate outdoor lounging space. Just add a BBQ and some comfortable furniture, and this would be the best place to relax. The main level of the home is the three car garage area which is all finished and has a tool storage system and a workbench making it perfect for those who like to work on vehicles. There are also exposed posts and beams in the garage bringing some of the original barn into this space as well.

The living room is spacious with high ceilings and the beautiful exposed beams and posts. The kitchen is right behind the living room for easy access too and includes lots of counter space and cabinets. The kitchen also features modern stainless steel appliances and a beautiful large farmhouse style sink. They brought in some of the stone into the interior of the home as well as some drywall for a touch of modern design. Just off to the side is a formal dining area with an antique farmhouse style table made from solid wood that goes with the overall decor and design of the barn home. Up the stairs connected with the main living area is the open loft bedroom with a clawfoot tub right in the centre of the space — what a great design with so much character, yet also a lot of modern elements.

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