An Old Shed Transformed Into a Super Stylish Tiny House... You Won't Believe The Before And After

Getting a suite on your property may be easier than you think. At least Best Practice Architecture made it look pretty simple when they helped to transform an old shed into a full suite with a modern and classy design. This backyard suite in Seattle, Washington is called the Granny Pad since it was created for the owner's elderly relative. The family already had a detached shed on their property that worked perfectly as the starting point for the tiny house. With some great additional features and some rearranging the shed is now a spacious apartment for the Grandmother who moved in so they could care for her and so she could also care for her grandchildren. The property is located in the Maple Leaf neighbourhood of Seattle and was just completed in 2018. It was built by Hartman Kable and designed by Best Practice a design focused practice operating in Seattle that was founded in 2011. The design firm does a wide range of work from residential to commercial projects. They always look for the balance between function and beauty while giving their clients everything they ever wanted.

Originally, the family who owns this property was looking for an apartment or a condo to house their ageing grandmother, but it seemed to be impossible to afford anything. They also didn't want to move into a large home because of the high prices in Seattle's competitive market, so they were really open to any solution. That's when Best Practice came into the picture and helped them see how possible it would be to create a lovely accessory dwelling unit right on their existing property. The family was thrilled with the idea, and it made so much sense to all of them. The family wouldn't have to move, the grandmother wouldn't have to find a place or pay high rent prices, and they would be able to take care of one another easily since they would be in close proximity. Another great thing was that they wouldn't have to live in the same house which affords them their space and privacy when they need it. The existing shed/garage space was built to match the home, and it was relatively small and definitely in need of some attention. Instead of keeping it looking the same as the house, they created something entirely different that looks incredible.

The tiny house on the property is a stylish black cottage style home that consists of offset gabled structures. One of the sections is the same form as the pre-existing garage, and the other is brand new. From the outside, the Granny Pad looks fairly substantial, and this carries on into the home as well. It's surprising to know that this space is only 571 square feet. The floor plan is laid out all on one floor since the occupant has limited mobility. Although there is a mezzanine loft area for some extra storage which is always valuable in a tiny house. With the ceilings being so high and thanks to all of the great windows and the skylights, the tiny house feels very spacious and open. There's a nice juxtaposition of wood and white in the design as well which helps to keep the space feeling open while creating a cozy ambiance. The tiny house also offers a kitchenette with a dining table making it nice for the Grandmother so she can cook her own meals and have guests over if she likes. Also near the front of the home is a living room with some of her old furniture mixed in and enough room for a sofa and coffee table. The bedroom and the bathroom are at the back of the home which gives these spaces more privacy.

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